Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuan Chau island - Pearl of the Far East

Halong Bay - the World Natural Heritage with thousands of small islands made of arrangement on the vast sea , each bearing an island where your look : there Hang Sung Sot island , the island is Thien Cung Cave there , there ... Particularly Virgin Hang Tuan Chau island is the only land in heritage areas outside the natural beauty of pine trees , lakes , beaches on the island also offers its history traces of the country .

Tuan Chau Beach is located on the island of the same name , is regarded as one of the beautiful beaches in Halong city . Beach cruise port located approximately 8km and is a man-made beach with sand carpet stretching 2km help unwind struggle between the blue sea waves .

Tuan Chau Island is the entertainment , sports , and tourism activities . Police are beach villa 50 rooms of international standard 5 star brings visitors comfortable moments .

Go to Tuan Chau island resort , after the visitors can swim sightseeing , participating in recreation activities and sports , such as hiking, camping on eco-tourism resort hill or resting in the holiday from luxury to budget , watch the performance of dolphins , sea lions , visit parks country Music ...

Next to the coast is a series of 4-5 star luxury villas , a neighborhood cuisine , a regional performing dolphins, seals, sea lions , with a modern theater with 3,000 seats under the dome largest spatial Southeast Asia , two guests each cluster sails towards the Heavenly Palace on Halong Bay . The west side of the island is a 500 seat theater with circus animals look like elephants , tigers , horses , pythons , snakes ...

Along with the work on the artificial streams , waterfalls music , zoo , marine lakes , swimming pools , tennis courts , water games and a rocky islet on which is built the restaurant , surrounded by beaches ...
Tuan Chau Beach contributed to this tourist island famous both at home and abroad and is considered an indispensable destination of the tour .

(Source: Gray line Halong)