Monday, August 18, 2014

Preparations for travelling in this fall - winter season

Warm clothing is essential. Long-sleeved T-shirt, jeans, and leather jacket, windbreaker, rain jacket is the best choice to wear in the cold weather. Girls should not wear short skirts. Clothing should be dark to avoid getting dirty and help the body absorb more heat.

Shoes should be soft. Do not wear high heels your feet will get pain easily.  You should have an anti water shoe to walk in the rain.

If you travel in Europe, Korea, Japan, China and the United States during the period from early November to early March, you should bring a thick sweater, thick socks, gloves, scarves and beanie.

When you have a cold, you can apply some wind oil, but should not be applied when you are outdoors, because the oil becomes cold when it has wind. It is the best way to use warm towel to wipe the face, neck, arms and legs when you get cold.

When you go to cold countries, you should not drink ice water, because cold water makes your body temperature down quickly.

Cold Climate easy to do for chapped skin, dry lips, the girls should bring hand lotion, hand lotion, and lip moisturizer to apply before you go out.

In cold weather, you should not shower and wash your hair with hot water so as to make the scalp dry.

And of course, you do not forget to bring the essential items like medicine headache, abdominal pain, drugs for your personal, private bandwidth ...

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thung Nham Bird Park in Ninh Binh

Located deeply in the mountains and far from residential areas, Thung Nham is known to be home to many migratory birds. Besides watching birds, you can also explore the caves on the water and in the mountains.

In terms of administrative boundaries, Thung Nham is located in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district. Bird Valley is surrounded by tropical forest strips on Limestone Mountains, with valleys and caves. Thung Chim time has been put into exploitation in tourism (due to company trade Tourism and Business Student establishment), with landscape items, in areas including Accommodation, restaurants, amusement parks for team building activities. However, if you only need to watch the birds, they also organize tickets reserved for this activity. The following article will provide some information about tourist attractions Thung Nham.

Travel from Hanoi along National Highway 1A, when to fall 3 large gates you turn right, follow the directions to Tam Coc tourist area. Drive straight, go through the Tam Coc, Bich Dong Pagoda oriented, close to the temple will have one 3-way split, watched you turn left signposted. From here you will just drive straight to Cliff Valley resorts.

The first area you will see the boat ticket. In order to Thung Nham will have 2 ways, take the boat right from the first paragraph, you can buy ferry tickets to go straight to the Thung Nham, ferryman will go through the ravines, caves to take you well into the Buddha Cave.

The best attractions in the Valley should go Nham is: Hang Buddha (sail on, in Thach Rocks Hang with him sitting Buddha, dark cave with no electric lighting), plays solid (on the road) 3 floors with lots hides the cement shimmering stone is like "Tran space, hell and paradise." Legend has it that the ancients were up here Esplanade God to pray for rain, thunder, harvests, garden birds (a wetland, on which many luxuriant vegetation, facilitate resident birds nest).

To watch birds, you should go to the range late afternoon about 17 pm, it's time for foraging birds, many bird season is Autumn However, if you do not have time you can also visit at 14h-15h to go back in time if you go during the day Hanoi.

With the family favorite resort, or union groups in the company, they can go through the night and stayed here. By Cliff Valley resorts are full infrastructure to cater for their stay. But try not to enjoy the food and accommodation services here, but Andy found space and landscape ecology are already quite fit right.

If in the night you will have the opportunity to visit all the points in Thung Nham, especially visiting Bird Park area late afternoon (time Birds of many). With the union group travel, you can organize team building activities in the evening campfire and exchange. Also if you stay overnight, you can also go  to Thung Nham combined with other attractions such as the Bich Dong Pagoda, Tam Coc Scenic Area, or The Galaxy (newly opened, very nice, located next to the Buddha Caves). You do not necessarily have to sleep in Thung Nham, you can stay in the hotel in the city of Ninh Binh, or sleeping in motels Tam Coc.

With the day you go, you can visit the Buddha Cave, who plays world and the Bird Park. If you have not visited the park at dusk, birds can also visit at about 15h, but not many birds but also be visiting it.

You can buy tickets online for sightseeing (package of attractions) to 100,000 VND / person.
Or visit the Bird Park mansion after 17h at 50,000 VND / person. Children <1.3 m 50% of charge.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chau Me - The beautiful color scheme

Chau Me (Pho Chau, H. Duc Pho, Quang Ngai) is located in Quang Ngai city which is far away about 60km to the south. It is a natural bay also looks pristine. Sandy beaches fringing arc in a green coastline. Casuarinas groves are waving with wind. Wave is waving to the coast.

In the early morning I have seen many groups of tourists walking on the beach. Chau Me is a beautiful color scheme of nature: the carpet of golden sand, green pine forests, blue sea, blue floral, mountain foot beams in the blue water the locals.

The painting "summer sea" was attractive from the Bong Son and Tam Quan (Binh Dinh), the Duc Pho, Quang Ngai. Wedge service restaurants fully booked. Groups of five or six people experiencing coastal ocean canvas as "base" for a day and play hard with the sea.

Particularly some couples handbags shoes, bare feet in the sand, the sun started an immense ceiling. They do not need the umbrella hat. There have been shielding shades of love. There are also couple hundred sit beneath the ocean whispers about a hundred years old.

A small family of four is carpeting, displays of food and drink at the seaside. The husband asked me to click a few shots when I pass by. He and his wife from Australia about, this beach for 15 year wedding anniversary and see two children are the result of love here.

From sandy beaches overlooking the vast sky and sea. At the foot of the rapids, "fireworks" are firing up endless sea. It is a burst of waves hitting the rocks, high up white foam. The stones put them up together, just protruding solid medium. And yet strangely, from barren and those who suddenly reached out a few bunches of wildflowers. A multi metaphorical meaning of life?

I swooping into the youth group is preparing lunch, ask where you were going to play. One girl said the articulate spiritual "some place new galaxies". Time has the stomach lining.

Asian Me is not only scenic but also a place where many enjoy fresh seafood dishes. Furthermore, the bartender is the pure-minded farmers; they are not available player "razor" under the share charge, only moderate to earn some profit child to school. So prices should gently diners do not feel "heartbeat shaky legs" while holding payment slip.

Sitting under the shade of the positive plate of boiled crab with salt pepper lemon, sipping beer with some extremely interesting. Steamed shrimp and sweet ginger sauce put all criticism. Real estate acrid smoke, smell fragrant chilli, wears jewelry that sniffed. This dish suitable for ladies for more food, and her cheeks as rosy.

If European visitors to reach Me in the morning will feel half full of great fresh seafood dozens. After several hours of dip nets into the sea, the boat returned, each with dozens of shrimp fishing sign. Visitors can swim pants rolled out sailing close friend, take the fish eye holes, cobia, silver fish cheeks, grouper, cuttlefish ... net fresh, and shining silver.

You can buy the boat seafood at affordable prices and portable bar straight up through their entire favorite recipe. They will be happy to help you. Only once was there even delicious seafood dinner to enjoy the early summer until late fall that has not expired ... stupor.

Saturday, Sunday, Chau Me beaches bustling with dozens of visitors to the weekend break. Outside rocking waves. Under the original positive, also swinging hammock wings.

Quite a lot of young people say this place is a space of love. They seem more lyrical increase carrying a guitar every time to these romantic waters. At noon, the shadow of the cool monsoon winds are positive, uplifting guitar sound will grace your excitement among the small countries in Chau Me.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mysterious Beauty Po Sah Inu Tower

Come to Binh Thuan, visitors hardly ignore a fascinating tourist destination with unspoiled beauty, mystery and spirituality. It is the Po Sah Inu Tower (Poshanu), also known as Cham Tower.

Po Sah Inu Tower is a group of Cham towers were left by the ancient Cham kingdom, located on a Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai ward, far away from Phan Thiet city about 7 km to the north-east.

Group Po Sah Inu towers built over 1,200 years ago to now only 3 main tower, medium, small, otherwise known as Tower A, Tower B, Tower C, Tower square, three-story, the more upward increasingly smaller, the pressure cylinder walls are cylindrical tower of artistic styles Hoa Lai tower group. All the doors of the cluster of towers are turning to the east, in the sense of the direction of spiritual care.

A main altar holds tower Linga - Yoni slippery stone, symbol of the genitalia Male - Female, the most sacred object of desire expressed Care proliferation and development of the nation. Legend Tower C is where worship of fire and where to wait before the ceremony in the main tower, Tower B Nandin but this church mignon mignon no object.

Towers were symbols of the heyday of the kingdom of Champa from the eighth century to the ninth century. Here is where Shiva, then more churches Princess Po Sha Inu. In addition, the body heat and also kidney Nandin church tower.

Come to Po Sah Inu tower, visitors can feel the unique architectural towers, delicate clusters of towers. Decorative Sculpture way typical of ancient Cham people make the majesty and mystery. Tower Hill is located on Ba Nai highest peak is upstairs Mr. Huang is well known through poetry Han Mac Tu.

From high above looking down watching around natural beauty. In front of the blue sea, behind the direction of the city of Phan Thiet. Tourists will see when arriving relaxed by tower located on the beautiful terrain, have the opportunity to explore the spiritual lands and enjoy the beautiful scenery and charming.

The site is located on the road from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne, which is convenient for tourists to visit the. The area still looks pristine retain its inherent centuries since, though about 7 km from the city. Resort management board only investor to build stairs up the hill and airport parking. Private area upstairs tower and Huang are retained wild character, poetic. The moonlit night, standing in downtown Ocean Hill still visible tower Shiva and Huang floor on top of the hill. During the day, these two works can be seen at a distance of 10-15 km.

Currently, Po Sah Inu tower is recognized as a national monument and is an attractive tourist destination, attracting visitors by the primitive beauty, more spiritual part. Here, still retain vestiges of Cham ancient worship.

On the occasion of the country's largest, Cham artisans and dance to this organization, to serve tourists. Three-and-out drum kilns, Sarah trumpet-deer of the K'lu (son) the pulsating dance Kamei flexibility of Tara (daughter).

On or about October calendar, Cham people from all pley (village) in the province of Ka-numb this ceremony to worship the gods, ancestors, for good weather. Princess Po Sah Inu are considered a god's country Pajai as Ba Chua Xu, Ba Thien Hau in folk beliefs of the Vietnamese people. Ka-International Festival traditionally takes place; there are many shaman Linga-Yoni statue bathing ceremony and procession sometimes excellent, offering clothes for Princess Po Sah Inu.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Five best experiences in Ha Long

With thousands of islands was made by nature. Halong bay was seen as one of the most 10 romantic destinations in 2014.

Come to Halong bay, tourists should experience more exciting activities such as admiring Halong bay through a  Halong bay cruise‘s window, visiting Vung Vieng fishing village, kayaking and enjoying meals with international standards.

Admiring Halong bay through a cruise’s window 

Should not take day trip as usual, you should try to join in a Halong bay cruise. These cruises are usually follow a fixed itinerary that you can stay overnight on cruise. From your room on cruise, you just can lie on your bed and admire at stunning nature of rocky islands and beautiful water color. You should not miss to welcome dawn in early morning or admire sunset moment.

Visiting Vung Vieng - the most beautiful fishing village in Halong bay

The first activity of Halong bay cruises is usually visiting Vung Vieng fishing village. Guests will have an opportunity to learn more about the culture and life of the fishermen. Among the chaos of spectacular natural sceneries, vung Vieng appear magically and showing up an area with many simple houses floating on water and bright painted roof colorful boats.


Exciting activity in Halong tours is kayaking among blue water and thousand islands of the bay. Each kayak can contain two people, you can easily use paddle to go to any corner of many islets in Halong bay.

Enjoying sunset on bay

The sundeck is the most beautiful space for you. Halong Bay will appear close and glamour from there. As if you would touch the "fireballs" is setting down in the horizon; As if you could embrace Halong bay nature and fresh air.

Enjoying meals with international standards

In one tour, the menu includes a rich variety of seafood meals, buffet or BBQ of fresh seafood. It's interesting that you can both enjoy both Asian and European dishes being processed by skillful chefs on Halong bay cruise and just look at undulating rocks in the jade green waters. Currently, to visit Halong bay, tourist often book a Halong bay cruise to enjoy both stay and cuisine in Halong bay.