Friday, November 21, 2014

Cozy destinations to go to in Winter – Part 1

Winter invariably comes in conjunction with chilly monsoon that everybody invariably wishes to flee to alternative cozy places. There are several appropriate destinations to go to as below.

Nha Trang 

Nha Trang has been well known with several fascinating sights. However the primary to say Mui Đoi- Cuc Dong (the Double Cape - the easternmost) – the most effective place to observe sunset.

The center of the town may be about half-hour away; Bai Dai (Long Beach) is a nice alternative for tourists who love the ocean. With beaches, cool water and particularly several forms of contemporary food at reasonable costs, pristine urban center is slowly being additional domestic and foreign tourists famed. The coastal restaurants invariably serve contemporary food customers.

Ponagar Tower is that the ancient subject field perfection of the Cham. You’ll reach this place by movement regarding 2km to the north. Relics of 4 towers, 2 temples, the biggest tower deity Po Nagar (Cham means that Mother Land Department).

Located on Hon Tre island with crystal clear waters all year spherical, Vinpearl Land is thought as "tropical paradise". Additionally to the posh hotels, lovely gardens, fresh pools ideal, this place conjointly attracts tourists to the world game thrills and spectacular 4D cinemas.

More than ten years agone, rule Bay water simply a natural depression is detected among wild jungles of a mountainous district. Road to Yangbay is incredibly tough. guests have to be compelled to go on streams, do camping, bathing, eating…Waterfall looks to pour exhausting and also the flow of it looks to be additional widespread, calmer.

In explicit, plight extraction is directly poured into the lake for a soothing soak guests became highlights the worth of this place.  

If you opt to remain in Nha Trang in one week, you must explore all the subsequent locations: Am Chúa, Phu Cang temple, Long Son temple, Khanh Hoa Provincial repository, Monument of Dr. bacteriologist, Dien Khanh Temple of Literature, Institute of earth science, Tri Nguyen vivarium, Dai Lanh Beach, Bai Tru, Marine Protected space, Cam Ranh Bay, Doc Let tourer Park…

Da Nang

Forbes business magazine, America's leading status, formally classified prosecutor Nang beach is one among the six loveliest beaches on the world. Besides, with the cool air, the contemporary and melodious sound of the waves, prosecutor Nang features a strange attraction for guests in each winter.

Son Tra solid ground is a perfect rendezvous for tourists. Underneath Son Tra mountain's foot is Suoi prosecutor, Bai But, Bai Rang, Bai Bac, Bai Nom ... for tourists thrill once immersed in a very splendid dawn or a quiet sunset paint the aquatic organic scenario. The Han dynasty watercourse Bridge may be an image of recent life, the growing aspirations of the town that was engineered by the contributions of all folks. It looks that every one poetic great thing about the Han dynasty watercourse solely reveals an unflawed area within the Han dynasty watercourse Bridge windy and funky.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The beautiful rocky seashores in Vietnam

In addition to lovely beaches, blue water, the heaving rocks with strange shapes and vivid colors makes such masterpieces that nature given.

1.  Nhay (Jumping) stones in Quang Binh

Visitors to Quang Binh having an interest in being immersed within the inexperienced sand beaches, pristine white, wherever the population of hundred thousand stones with exotic appearance. Jumping rocks adjacent to the ocean, at the foot of the pass Ly Hoa, Bo Trach district. From main road 1A in Dong Hoi close to 30km north, guests can reach the rock with stone pillars to little, poker with many various shapes, anytime waves thrust into the rock to form a whispering sound, town jumping within the water taking part in. maybe that's why they decision that rock hopping.

Coming here, tourists will go yachting, hiking or walking within the lush inexperienced pine forests. It’s thought of a perfect place every summer due to the mixing of mountains, charming clouds.

2. Ly Son Island, Quang Ngai

After half-hour on water, you will reach the island of associate An Binh Commune, Ly Son, wherever pristine beaches don't seem to be however identified. There square measure several rugged cliffs, jagged ocean reaching into the immense sky. Whenever there square measure giant waves, rocks hidden below the water as white creates a beautiful backcloth. Within the north there's conjointly a beach with thousands of pebbles, sparkling below the brilliant sky.

3. Ghenh reef, Phu Yen

Is considered to be one among the foremost distinctive rock Vietnam, Ghenh reef rapidly attracts additional tourists to Phu Yen by exotic stone such terrific arrangements of nature.

From a distance, guests can admire the rocks shut fitting, flat surface, generally organized in an exceedingly vertical column or diagonally, making circular shapes, hexagon, pentagon ... terribly attention-grabbing you, sort of a big honeycomb. It conjointly saw little stones square measure placed between the blue ocean water, the color of the rocks vary in colorize the sun.

4.  Hoang Hau (“Queen”) Beach, Binh Dinh

Is considered to be nature's gift preferences, Queen beach is the most lovely beach areas belonging to Binh Dinh martial arts country. Queen Beach annually attracts various tourists by the natural scenery and therefore the peace of young, blue sky. The name “Queen” due to the time that Emperor Bao Dai has visited the central provinces, Queen Nam Phuong selected this place as their own beaches, Queen Beach square measure derived from it.

Along the coast, wherever the sprawling nature stone, cave formation, the reef, the reef jocular jocular around within the waves. This reef beach conjointly referred to as Swallow, maybe as a result of this can be the place to seek out larid typically prey so that they have known as such names. Come back here you will get a good feeling once barefoot up the spherical stone, sleek like big eggs, square measure stacked on the beach. Whenever the waves overlapping against the shore, making an awfully romantic scene.

5. Co Thach Beach, Binh Thuan

City and ninety kilometer from Phan Thiet, Co Thach beaches out with colourful stones and shapes. This can be a 7-color rock, by the action of tides, currents, sea ... and therefore the stone is pushed from rising shore.
With several attention-grabbing shapes like elephant fountain, a hand, or the animals, tourists come back here to admire the glorious works of nature. Below the waves and therefore the sun reflective each color glitter rock, refined changes over moments of the day to create the beach even additional charms. Stone isn't solely obtainable in black or grey, however conjointly several colors of brown, yellow, purple, white, blue, pink, red ... brilliant.

6. Binh Chau waterfall, Vung Tau

With the massive rocks on the blue stands call at the ocean of Binh Chau wild cliffs and majestic, is a lovely tourer destination. Between the ocean waves, it rocks call at the form of various size in teams, outstanding white sandy stretches.

Guests can have the exciting expertise as he felt the rumbling waves beating against the rocks, water, white foam over ten meters high. As a result of the water here is kind of robust and rugged tract with little and massive rocks square measure additional reefs ought to be terribly careful once bathing.

7. Dinh Cau Rocks, Phu Quoc

Dinh Cau rock are those big ancient stones has scoured over time, floating heaving bring the strange figures however lovely just like the turtle, crocodilian mouth puzzled ... once winds processing, thousands of white waves into making smoldering voice.

From Dinh Cau to the beach, guests can get pleasure from a friendly young scene with sunshine, blue sea, white sand blends large clouds. Observation the gorgeous sunset over the ocean likewise as an image of associate degree haunting expertise to the island of Phu Quoc pearls.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Official grand opening of international Phu Quoc-Singapore routes

2/11, in Phu Quoc International Airport, Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang), the People's Committee of Kien Giang province in collaboration with the Vietnam Aviation Company and Vinpearl Joint Stock Company organized Grand opening of Phu Quoc international Airport-Singapore route.

International flight of Phu Quoc-Singapore has frequency of 2 flights / week by A321 to serve tourists. This is the 2nd international flight to Phu Quoc after Phu Quoc – Russia which is put into operation in mid-March 2/2014.

According to the General Aviation Company in Vietnam, to increase frequency of international flights of Phu Quoc-Singapore based on market conditions and effective exploitation of Vietnam Airlines.

This additional international routes not only meet travel needs of the people, investors, businesses, tourists travel pearl island, but also contribute to promote and introduce Phu Quoc island to  Singaporean and other countries of the world.

This is also a favorable condition to add Phu Quoc a new momentum in the strategic development of economic society, especially to promote trade promotion, investment attraction and tourism acceleration.

Phu Quoc International Airport inaugurated and put into construction in May 12/2012, with frequency increase of passenger numbers of this year through the port is higher than last year.

2013, Phu Quoc International Airport serves nearly 700,000 passengers, an increase of 39% over 2012, of which foreigners accounted for about 37%.

In the first 10 months of this year, the port serves more than 800,000 passengers, an increase of 53% over the same period. Estimated 2014, Phu Quoc International Airport serves approximately 1 million passengers.

Expected in mid-May 12/2014, Phu Quoc International Airport continues to launch 3rd international flights of Phu Quoc-Siem Reap (Cambodia).

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cai Chien Island

When it comes to Hai Ha people often remember the tea plantation, cultivation of sugarcane, Acacia, cinnamon etc. Rich. But few know Hai Ha also has a romantic island ... Cai Chien That island is separated from the mainland, in the commune's administrative map Cai Chien, to take the train takes about 30-40 minutes from the Port of Shanghai Ha is new to the island.

During a visit to Hai Ha, I was fortunate to be in accordance with the delegation of the island district. Small boat surfing on the waves of silver, away from the mainland, just in sight as the white sands, blue ocean, the islands rising from the sea.

After more than 30 minutes of riding on the waves of silver, Cai Chien appeared before us, it is an island like giant whale rising from the sea, long body, her narrow. Step foot on the island, I'm really amazed with the scenery here, a rich blue, the birds chirping, all tired from the trip on the sea suddenly vanish. On the concrete road leading to the island, the vice secretary of the Party Committee island commune wit told me: "There are many exciting things ahead too, he just let me do the tour guide." I was excited, nervous ...

And indeed moving, as new discoveries see this beautiful island and romantic attraction. The road circling the island has been concreted makes travel more convenient. 108km2 island commune wide but only 154 households distributed in 3 villages. The people of the island are very friendly and hospitable. Their work is mainly fishing. On the coastal tidal flats looming shadow people go snails.

Relatively unspoiled island with an area of over 500 hectares of primary forest and in the forest there are many ancient trees, birds and animals such as monkeys, wild boars, pythons ... and especially a lot of birds reside here. We gather from around the nest, do not always live up missing birdsong. So the task of protecting natural forest protection and ecosystem commune officials and all the people at the forefront.

Go down the eastern side of the island, a romantic space out front with sandy beaches stretching. Especially as this sandy beaches without the impact of humans should retain the inherent beauty of natural creation. In particular, the sands of the Dragon Head area are large and more beautiful, with more than 2km2 sands stretching, gentle, blue ocean waters, and are an ideal beach. The coastline is straight casuarinas forest, lush green reflected into the water. Afternoon after a bath, you can go casuarinas forest with relaxing hammocks heard whispering waves, birds chirping ...

More specifically, from the First Dragon yard, you can continue to sail through the Green Fashion Island, and the island is also quite beautiful and unspoilt with many beautiful beaches. Even from there can look out Coto, Trui Hon, Hon Vinh Thuc (Mong Cai), gorge (Van Don). With that position, which has extremely important implications for national security island?

After a day exploring the island and roamed the beach, you can relax by the shoulder to the jetty for fishing. There are many types of fish and bait just once is has been a fantastic meal aim.

Cai Chien really has a lot of interesting things that you want to explore your journey. However, the current tour of Cai Chien still potential so is not known and no electricity on the island, traffic way back, no travel services for tourists. Cai Chien So to really develop its potential value for its then needs attention and investment by individuals and businesses in and outside the province.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kim Quy Cave

The cave is located on Dam Nam island which has a high mountain of 187m. Dam Bac island is in font and Soi Sim Island is behind. A small path leads up to mountain, where stalactites are formed which looks white and soft, drooping from the ceiling.

Inside the Cave, there are more than 30 ironwood piles of Tran Hung Dao which was used to plug the Bach Dang River which still exist here. It is the stalagmite that they are distributed everywhere but there are obvious ways, they are highly polished and their length is about 30 - 40cm, that looks just like real wood yard stakes.

Cave is associated with the ancient legend of the Golden Turtle. The story goes that after the Golden Turtle helped King Le Loi defeated enemy, the sword and the Golden Turtle get crowded swim pools, as this has a lot to Halong demonic harassment.

After finishing kill demons, it’s time that Golden Turtle was exhausted, have found them in this dynamic and petrified. Today in the Kim Quy, Golden Turtle remains in position of sleeping, with old wounds on her body. Tourist can discover this bay by booking 3 day tour of Grayline Halong Cruise - one of the top famous brand tour supplying Halong Bay junk cruise tours in Halong Bay.