Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cai Chien Island

When it comes to Hai Ha people often remember the tea plantation, cultivation of sugarcane, Acacia, cinnamon etc. Rich. But few know Hai Ha also has a romantic island ... Cai Chien That island is separated from the mainland, in the commune's administrative map Cai Chien, to take the train takes about 30-40 minutes from the Port of Shanghai Ha is new to the island.

During a visit to Hai Ha, I was fortunate to be in accordance with the delegation of the island district. Small boat surfing on the waves of silver, away from the mainland, just in sight as the white sands, blue ocean, the islands rising from the sea.

After more than 30 minutes of riding on the waves of silver, Cai Chien appeared before us, it is an island like giant whale rising from the sea, long body, her narrow. Step foot on the island, I'm really amazed with the scenery here, a rich blue, the birds chirping, all tired from the trip on the sea suddenly vanish. On the concrete road leading to the island, the vice secretary of the Party Committee island commune wit told me: "There are many exciting things ahead too, he just let me do the tour guide." I was excited, nervous ...

And indeed moving, as new discoveries see this beautiful island and romantic attraction. The road circling the island has been concreted makes travel more convenient. 108km2 island commune wide but only 154 households distributed in 3 villages. The people of the island are very friendly and hospitable. Their work is mainly fishing. On the coastal tidal flats looming shadow people go snails.

Relatively unspoiled island with an area of over 500 hectares of primary forest and in the forest there are many ancient trees, birds and animals such as monkeys, wild boars, pythons ... and especially a lot of birds reside here. We gather from around the nest, do not always live up missing birdsong. So the task of protecting natural forest protection and ecosystem commune officials and all the people at the forefront.

Go down the eastern side of the island, a romantic space out front with sandy beaches stretching. Especially as this sandy beaches without the impact of humans should retain the inherent beauty of natural creation. In particular, the sands of the Dragon Head area are large and more beautiful, with more than 2km2 sands stretching, gentle, blue ocean waters, and are an ideal beach. The coastline is straight casuarinas forest, lush green reflected into the water. Afternoon after a bath, you can go casuarinas forest with relaxing hammocks heard whispering waves, birds chirping ...

More specifically, from the First Dragon yard, you can continue to sail through the Green Fashion Island, and the island is also quite beautiful and unspoilt with many beautiful beaches. Even from there can look out Coto, Trui Hon, Hon Vinh Thuc (Mong Cai), gorge (Van Don). With that position, which has extremely important implications for national security island?

After a day exploring the island and roamed the beach, you can relax by the shoulder to the jetty for fishing. There are many types of fish and bait just once is has been a fantastic meal aim.

Cai Chien really has a lot of interesting things that you want to explore your journey. However, the current tour of Cai Chien still potential so is not known and no electricity on the island, traffic way back, no travel services for tourists. Cai Chien So to really develop its potential value for its then needs attention and investment by individuals and businesses in and outside the province.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kim Quy Cave

The cave is located on Dam Nam island which has a high mountain of 187m. Dam Bac island is in font and Soi Sim Island is behind. A small path leads up to mountain, where stalactites are formed which looks white and soft, drooping from the ceiling.

Inside the Cave, there are more than 30 ironwood piles of Tran Hung Dao which was used to plug the Bach Dang River which still exist here. It is the stalagmite that they are distributed everywhere but there are obvious ways, they are highly polished and their length is about 30 - 40cm, that looks just like real wood yard stakes.

Cave is associated with the ancient legend of the Golden Turtle. The story goes that after the Golden Turtle helped King Le Loi defeated enemy, the sword and the Golden Turtle get crowded swim pools, as this has a lot to Halong demonic harassment.

After finishing kill demons, it’s time that Golden Turtle was exhausted, have found them in this dynamic and petrified. Today in the Kim Quy, Golden Turtle remains in position of sleeping, with old wounds on her body. Tourist can discover this bay by booking 3 day tour of Grayline Halong Cruise - one of the top famous brand tour supplying Halong Bay junk cruise tours in Halong Bay.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Journey to Tây Bắc ( Vietnam Northwest Area )

Majestic mountains, peaceful villages, magic terraced fields, bright smiles ... all have made a fascinating Tây Bắc. However, because this area is still quite primitive and has limited travel services. Thus before taking a safety trip to Tây Bắc, you should note a few things as below:

1. Best time to visit 

Tây Bắc has a particular beauty in each season. Practically, there are two seasons that make Tây Bắc most beautiful are Spring and Autumn. In these times, the flowers, plum blossom, cherry blossoms ... are the most beautiful flowers of Tây Bắc. This is also the season at Northwestern ethnic festival, singing, fun, colorful costumes, the most brilliant ...

October is autumn in Tây Bắc.  The terraced fields turn into a shiny yellow picturesque. Tây Bắc markets usually take place on Saturday or Sunday. It is a chance for you to add an unforgettable experience. Colors, sounds, life of the highlands are wonderful and should not miss.

If you only have 3 days to discover Tây Bắc, you can go follow this journey: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Moc Chau - Son La. If you have 7 days or more, you can follow journey: Hanoi - Mai Chau - Moc Chau - Son La - Dien Bien - Lai Chau - Lao Cai. From Lao Cai train can travel by road for the night or between Hanoi.

2. Transportation 

 From Hanoi, there are many buses going to Tây Bắc Provinces, take a bus, you can reach the city center.

If traveling by car, you should not go more than 60 km / h when on the mountain pass. The best speed of 40 - 50 km / h, you can just watch the scene, while ensuring safety. For motorcycles, the speed should be kept between 30 - 40 km / h when up and down the pass.

3. Accommodation and dinning 

In Tây Bắc, typically, each 50km, there is a small town. Every town has a holiday but the conditions and quality of service restrictions. Ideally you should carefully calculate journey to get to the city or town center. Can refer people to find local accommodation.

 Find accommodation near the market or on the main road center makes it easy to find a place to eat and walk around at night. Most of the guest house, motel room in the area cost about 100.000 - 200.000 VND / night. Should see the room before deciding to stay.

Not many restaurants, especially the journey away from the city. If you find the restaurants, you should stop eating, not fussy or wait for better consistency, you will probably get hungry. Only when you arrive, ordering the new bartender to cook hot food. So do not be afraid of the diner look "poor", go ahead to ask, you'll have warm meals belly before continuing the journey.

4.  Respect local culture

Unless some point to have been "cultural tourism", many areas along the northwestern stretch of road was pretty wild, gentle honest people, come here, you have absolute respect for indigenous culture.

No joke too much, do not tease local girls, not laughed loud when in the village because the villagers would bother, do not photograph them if they did not intend to authorize or unhappy.

If you are friendly, intimacy, respect for indigenous people, you'll get back the same. Although want to learn people's life, you should not excessively spying on the corner of the house, not looking especially incline into the bedroom of the owner.

5. Things need to pay Attention

Should carefully review the route map before you leave. Do not take this same street-style improvisation, whatever. For a safe ride for yourself, and do not affect other people, need to prepare everything carefully. To calculate the journey every day to go and to safety.

To protect their transportation, where there is hardly going to get off stage observed before the pass. Vehicle speed must be employed in any situation. When tired to find a safe place to stop and rest, do not go trying ...

Pack food in vehicles such as cakes, chocolate, some fruits like apples, plums, oranges... in case you are hungry and there is no shop along the way. Always carry warm clothes when you go to Tây Bắc in winter.

And do not forget to buy a lot of sweets, cakes to ready the car because you can see children on the street anywhere and a great gift for kid’s uplands is confectionery. Looking cheerful kids smiling with petite sweets, your trip will be more full and warmer.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Minh Mang Mausoleum (Hieu Lang)

Minh Mang's tomb is a vestige of the relics of the ancient capital of Hue was recognized by UNESCO as world cultural heritage Date 11-12-1993. Located in Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien Hue.

From the 7th year of Minh Mang (1826), the king had sent to find land to build the mausoleum, but 14 years later to select the location and architectural design projects. Le Van Duc is the person who found out the good and the king was promoted to second grade. April - 1840 The King came to inspect and rename Cam Ke mountain to Hieu Son. He ordered the grand Truong Dang Que, Bui Cong Huyen to survey the terrain and measure land.

They draw the entire hills, streams, rivers and schematic architectural projects... The king was very pleased and sent fabric, cash bonus for them.

By May 9-1840, the court mobilized 3,000 soldiers and workers on the ground and adjusts the setting within the La Thanh architectural surroundings. Two courtiers Secretary and Ha Duy Truong Dang Que turns up field supervision.

20-1-1841 Minh Mang died at the age of 50. One month later (20-2-1841), King Thieu Tri ordered the grand Ta Quang Cu, Ha Duy version, Nguyen Huu Le, Nguyen Tri Phuong Ton Street took over to build the mausoleum. That nearly one thousand imperial soldiers and hunters in the Army and the Ministry of Industry worked: 7 trustees defend Power 140 team members, 7000 Cote soldiers, and more than 2,000 hybrid and mechanic service. The king ordered Truong Dang Que frequent urge and check thoughtfully the building.

The coffin of King Minh Mang was buried in Buu in 20-8-1841 and stele "Holy Lord God of" up dated 25-1-1842, but until 1943, the mausoleum was completed according to the king Minh Mang project.

Minh Mang Mausoleum is an overall size of 40 architectural projects large and small, located in a hilly area, cool lakes. The whole mausoleum is like a human body laying his head on a high hill in the area, limbs outstretched nearby confluence.

Inside La Thanh, the buildings are arranged symmetrically, symmetrical pairs through spindle radial wheel. All are arranged in a strict order, systematic; tell your personality and the style of King Minh Mang.

At the front steering, sparse density architecture, clear, deep branch, as thick architecture. The contemporary architecture introduced in three areas Gia Long tomb architecture is added together horizontally, vertically to lie in a single axis of Minh Mang Mausoleum. They took advantage of that land and the hills to gradually raise the height of the buildings.

There are natural charm was embellished to make the backdrop for the buildings. The master architect today must also be impressed by the amazing visual art of Minh Mang Mausoleum.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Three essentials things to travel to Con Dao

Con Dao was a tourist destination where attracts tourists both domestic and international, located in Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

Con Dao is known for its crystal clear beaches, white sand enchanted tourists around when you arrive. Con Dao has pristine beaches, fresh seafood, indigenous sincere, island and many majestic historic places. You should note down something before travelling to Con Dao.

1. How to get there?

Currently, only two airlines that trip to Con Dao Vietnam Airlines and Air Mekong. Often the trips to transit through Ho Chi Minh City. 4th and Air Mekong 6 weekly flights from Hanoi guy to Con Dao. However, depending on the number of visitors that you may still have to transit, could very well very fast transit time, you still have to carry hand luggage off the plane, into the lounge area and then back to the correct machine that flight.

From Co Ong Airport, Con Dao is far away from the center of town about 12 km. You can take a taxi; there are always cars available at the airport. However, these hotels usually have a shuttle service at the airport. You need to make a reservation. If you could not make any promptly reservations, you can book at the hotel desk representative at the airport.

On the island there is only a single gas station, so it should be noted to the level of gasoline. Motorcycle Rental 100,000 VND/ bike.

2. Where to stay?

If you want to stay in the hotel with beach, you should select Con Dao resort on Nguyen Duc Thuan street. It is very near central and easy to find places to eat. The hotel as Saigon Con Dao Resort, ATC Resort is located on Ton Duc Thang Street with stunning sea view, clean and good service. However it does not have its own beach.

The average price of a room here at 1-1.5 million per room. Therefore, you should choose carefully when booking online, not "resort" which also features a private beach as default. If you want to recuperate the Sixpences Con Dao resort is a great choice, however, this hotel near the airport, away from the heart, not suitable for eating, entertainment. A good selection, appointment, cheap again is the small hotel; motel cost about 300,000-500,000 dong.  Fresh seafood on the island is very good. A dish not to be missed is the red grouper. It is Con Dao's specialties. Price range 800,000 700.000- / weight. Especially as the price of the restaurants here are quite similar to each other, so there is not much choice. You can also eat at Phuong Hanh, a small shop in the city, sitting under contract luxuriant trees, cool, delicious food, but it looks unprofessional by Tri Century. The seafood stalls and lots of good food, have slow cooking, serving little sloppy because few people.

There is not too much food and service in Con Dao but it is a pleasant spot to relax.

3. The historic places in Con Dao

Grave martyr Vo Thi Sau at Hang Duong cemetery is a destination that you should not miss. You can visit the cemetery at midnight because cemeteries are crowded at that time. Offerings and fruits should be prepared from home, because there is nobody selling these things there. Offering mirror is indispensable. Also, you should bring white flower. Vo Thi Sau is regarded as holy people. Many couples often come to offering flower and pray to get lucky.

You should visit Phi Yen temple.  This temple leaned against the mountain overlooking the lotus pond and large cooler. The architecture of the temples looks peaceful.

Con Dao prison: There are 19 relics which are divided into two periods, the prison during the French and American. The French prison time: Phu Son, Phu Hai in right in the center so very convenient to visit. Barn area, tiger cages are hell on earth. Barn area now remains classified tunnel, where the enemy is full of urine fall, soaking prisoners arrested chest.

On the main island, you must visit Dam Trau beach. Mountain embraces the beach in an arc so it is such a very calm beach with white smooth sand. Especially, the beaches on the island are a combination of green mountains in the distance, combined with white sand beaches and undulating stone.

You should hire canoes to visit Canh Dao Bay, the second largest island after a coup Kunlun. It has mangroves and the beautiful coast. You can dive among coral islands. However, there is no food out here, so if you want to come here you must bring food.