Friday, January 24, 2014

Explorer Cat Ba island

Cat Ba has many rocky islands jutting up from the sea harbor in its mysterious caves and becoming an attractive destination for tourists.Cat Ba Island has about 20 large and small caves stretching from Long Phu town to  Lan Ha Bay area. As commented by the majority of travelers to Cat Ba, the unique of this cave is located throughout the island, with its own hidden beauty and aesthetic value geologically blessed.

Like the miracle of nature, cave systems in Cat Ba is formed from limestone mountains, creating plenty of stalactites. Caves run mostly long and divided into many niches. From Cat Ba town center  about 15 minutes by car to come to Cat Ba National Park, at Khe commune; Visitors easily recognize the Military Medical is located along the road, halfway up the mountain. This can be considered a “masterpiece” of manmade general intangible that later became interesting tourist destination. At the time of the Vietnam War, this was built and designed to the hospital. In the heart, a hospital model was formed with over 100 wounded. 17 In addition to preventive and functional departments, within them, there are swimming pools, beaches and parks movies workout.
No less about beauty and glamour, Thien Long (Phu Long Commune) is regarded as one of the most beautiful in Cat Ba with 3 different textured floors. The area between the stalactites has a small flame to create a year -round water puddles cool. Besides the caves typically on Cat Ba owns some real potential for tourism development as the Gia Luan, Hoa Cuong or Luon cave, creating landscapes that system is not everywhere have been.

In recent years, tourism in Cat Ba becomes increasingly, attracted tourists and travel agents organize tours - Cave National Park Cat Ba. The cave system with eco tours, community and Vietnam Customs is practically contribute to overcoming the seasonality of Cat Ba tourism. On the other hand, they are diversified tourism product, “rewind “the true cave tour is the highlight, difference of sea travel, Cat Ba island that tourists love, especially visitors from the countries west. Travel the caves as well as a supplement to Cat Ba tourism brand with the value of the world biosphere reserve, national park, Lan Ha Bay and hundreds of systems throughout the sandy beach in Cat Ba.

(Source: Gray Line Halong)