Sunday, September 7, 2014

Three essentials things to travel to Con Dao

Con Dao was a tourist destination where attracts tourists both domestic and international, located in Ba Ria - Vung Tau.

Con Dao is known for its crystal clear beaches, white sand enchanted tourists around when you arrive. Con Dao has pristine beaches, fresh seafood, indigenous sincere, island and many majestic historic places. You should note down something before travelling to Con Dao.

1. How to get there?

Currently, only two airlines that trip to Con Dao Vietnam Airlines and Air Mekong. Often the trips to transit through Ho Chi Minh City. 4th and Air Mekong 6 weekly flights from Hanoi guy to Con Dao. However, depending on the number of visitors that you may still have to transit, could very well very fast transit time, you still have to carry hand luggage off the plane, into the lounge area and then back to the correct machine that flight.

From Co Ong Airport, Con Dao is far away from the center of town about 12 km. You can take a taxi; there are always cars available at the airport. However, these hotels usually have a shuttle service at the airport. You need to make a reservation. If you could not make any promptly reservations, you can book at the hotel desk representative at the airport.

On the island there is only a single gas station, so it should be noted to the level of gasoline. Motorcycle Rental 100,000 VND/ bike.

2. Where to stay?

If you want to stay in the hotel with beach, you should select Con Dao resort on Nguyen Duc Thuan street. It is very near central and easy to find places to eat. The hotel as Saigon Con Dao Resort, ATC Resort is located on Ton Duc Thang Street with stunning sea view, clean and good service. However it does not have its own beach.

The average price of a room here at 1-1.5 million per room. Therefore, you should choose carefully when booking online, not "resort" which also features a private beach as default. If you want to recuperate the Sixpences Con Dao resort is a great choice, however, this hotel near the airport, away from the heart, not suitable for eating, entertainment. A good selection, appointment, cheap again is the small hotel; motel cost about 300,000-500,000 dong.  Fresh seafood on the island is very good. A dish not to be missed is the red grouper. It is Con Dao's specialties. Price range 800,000 700.000- / weight. Especially as the price of the restaurants here are quite similar to each other, so there is not much choice. You can also eat at Phuong Hanh, a small shop in the city, sitting under contract luxuriant trees, cool, delicious food, but it looks unprofessional by Tri Century. The seafood stalls and lots of good food, have slow cooking, serving little sloppy because few people.

There is not too much food and service in Con Dao but it is a pleasant spot to relax.

3. The historic places in Con Dao

Grave martyr Vo Thi Sau at Hang Duong cemetery is a destination that you should not miss. You can visit the cemetery at midnight because cemeteries are crowded at that time. Offerings and fruits should be prepared from home, because there is nobody selling these things there. Offering mirror is indispensable. Also, you should bring white flower. Vo Thi Sau is regarded as holy people. Many couples often come to offering flower and pray to get lucky.

You should visit Phi Yen temple.  This temple leaned against the mountain overlooking the lotus pond and large cooler. The architecture of the temples looks peaceful.

Con Dao prison: There are 19 relics which are divided into two periods, the prison during the French and American. The French prison time: Phu Son, Phu Hai in right in the center so very convenient to visit. Barn area, tiger cages are hell on earth. Barn area now remains classified tunnel, where the enemy is full of urine fall, soaking prisoners arrested chest.

On the main island, you must visit Dam Trau beach. Mountain embraces the beach in an arc so it is such a very calm beach with white smooth sand. Especially, the beaches on the island are a combination of green mountains in the distance, combined with white sand beaches and undulating stone.

You should hire canoes to visit Canh Dao Bay, the second largest island after a coup Kunlun. It has mangroves and the beautiful coast. You can dive among coral islands. However, there is no food out here, so if you want to come here you must bring food.