Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Seven typical dishes of Vietnam in wish list of Foreigners when coming to Vietnam

Vietnam cuisine is quite diverse and rich. The various flavors and colors feature clearly the culture of Vietnam cuisine. Some rustic dishes such as noodles, bread, noodle soup, fried rice noodles, spring rolls, sticky banana or roasted egg coffee …could fascinate many tourists.

Pho ( Rice noodle )

Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnam, is also seen as typical dish of Vietnam cuisine.  According to Business Insider Magazine, Pho topped the list of 40 dishes that you should try once in your life.

The main component of pho is soup and rice noodle, along with sliced beef or chicken. Also it is served with onions, coriander and a little price to make up the characteristics flavor of Pho.

Guests also can add some spice flavor like pepper, soy sauce, chili sauce...This depends on your taste. Pho is served hot. Pho soup is delicious with "recipes". Pho Vietnam is quite diverse, noodles originated from the north and then expand into Central and South, each domain has a bold flavor noodles separately. A tourist from all over the world to come to Vietnam, all praise and said Pho is the most popular dish when they set foot on the piece of land shaped like the letter S.


"Vietnam bread is finest in the world" – A reporter from BBC said.  In 2013, According to National Geographic magazine, Nha trang bread is considered as one of the 11 best street foods in the world.

Saigon Bread topped the list of 12 street foods by Nast Traveler – an American magazine. Recently, Vietnam bread is also voted as one of the 5 best street foods in the world by
Bread with crispy outer skin, gut in dense silky captivates many tourists. A delicious loaf completely full of butter, pate, vegetables, pork, beef rolls, sauces, can add a little spicy chili create light. You could feel delicious when reading these words.

Bread is available at all times, everywhere in the daily life of Vietnam people. Bread is fast food for breakfast of pupils, students, workers because of it’s reasonably price.

Bún riêu (a Vietnamese crab vermicelli soup)

Crab vermicelli noodles also known as crab soup is a specialty of Vietnam and is well known to the world. Bun Crab elected to the list of food street of Asia's most attractive CNN in 2012.

A bowl of noodle soup includes plain rice noodles and crab soup. Crab soup made from crab, crab body pounding, tomatoes, tofu ... When eating noodle soup can add a little peace shrimp sauce to taste more tasty noodle bowl.

Noodle soup is a dish with sour purification, food is very cool in summer, warm in winter, and the people of Vietnam should be favored. Guests can catch the crab noodle shops selling sidewalk along the street.

Bun Cha

Fried noodle dish in northern Vietnam is the most popular in Hanoi. Bun cha Northern similar bun barbecue in Central and Southern. Familiar dishes of Hanoi people have entered the list of 10 best street foods the world over the results of visitors voted on January 11/2014 National Geographic.

Bun cha often simultaneously two kinds of dumplings and spring rolls are pieces. Rolls are made from lean minced pork shoulder mixed with some spices like salt, pepper, fish sauce, sugar, dried onion bun cha ... How do quite simple but delicious fried noodles have a secret sauce, sweet and sour premium there!