Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Viet Hai village – Cat Ba

Viet Hai village situated between the sea acres, surrounded by high mountains and jungles of Cat Ba National Park, Cat Hai District. Very few people in the country visit here, but Viet Hai attracts many foreign tourists.

Trekking in Cat Ba national forest

Viet Hai still maintains primitive feature from ancient times. The Commune has only a dozen motorbikes. Thus any family having motorbike is considered as a well-off family in village. Considered as an isolated island, it is as safe as you can put your motorbike anywhere, any corner of road or even you leave the key on bike. No one would take it. Or your neighbor could borrow to run any time.  Houses are always open. The host can go out all day with no worry of thieve.  As a result, his neighbor could take or borrow anything in house. There are only 2 commune polices to do administrative work.  Viet Hai has completely no social vices.

Vietnam Hai is remote village, the poorest area of Cat Hai district. But the people here seem very satisfied with life. They shared together at nonprofit, enrichment knowledge of mountains and sea. Thanks to this lifestyle, more and more visitors come here. They had heard of this wasteland located between the World Biosphere Reserve, Cat Ba National Forest.

Cycling in Viet Hai

Viet Hai people are gradually quite responsive to access hospitality industry. The village decided to send a group of people to Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City to apply for the village.  There is a travel company operating forest activities managed by local people. Also, some famers can do both field service and motorcycle taxi driver to visit the village.

House made by rice straw and soil

Several houses on stilt, eateries serving tourists also have recently opened. Foreign visitors come here after visiting the forest and taking rest in the shop. They also can order some meals from their own food, such as chicken feed, duck, vegetables...Many village elders or young people can be "tour guide" for visitors, the village elders have also picked out nearly a dozen men, local girls sent to Cat Ba to "improve" spoken English. Viet Hai people eagerly work in tourism industry with the dream of turning their village to a "tourist island" with unique features in the near future.