Monday, September 28, 2015

Ben Tre province’s food

When you visit Ben Tre, you not only visit the hick – special type of traveling of Ben Tre, but also enjoy many kind of food that you should not ignore.

Squeeze Banana: Near Truc Giang lake (famous destination of Ben Tre’ pupils). Banana is squeezed and grill; and eat with coconut juice. This is not integrant bananas, that is the squeezed banana between two cutting boards. The best way to eat this type of food is take it right after grilled with warm coconut juice. They sell from noon until evening but normally sold out early. You must get there early, and eat them right there.

Banh canh bot xat: typical food of western area. This is made by rice flour, cook with duck and ginger sauce. The rice flour will be molded as personal way. However, it is a little bit hard to find the seller because they often peddle, but you can ask local people because they know seller’s route.

Grapefruit Che: it is located in Nguyen Hue street, near Dong Khoi preschool, from afternoon until evening. Although there are many Che shop in Ho Chi Minh city but you will never find any shop as delicious as there. Che is sweet and it is only 10000VND per cup

Com Tam: May be a lot of people think that nothing makes it special. If you have a chance to visit Ben tre, you should not ignore this kind of food. This one is better than in Saigon. Com Tam of Ben Tre is real, that means Com Tam is harder to cook than rice. Pork is choped thinly; it is so thin that you can look through. You can add chicken, quail eggs, cucumbers, tomato, .. All are for a nutritious meal. You can buy it many where. Most of them are very nice. But we recommend you to buy it at Com Tam Chi near Industrial and Commercial bank or backside of the pool in the morning.

Grilled cord: The most famous shop is near Golden Ant Bridge. There is a great place with a lot of eaters. They sell from afternoon until 9PM

Moreover,  there are some more kind of food such as heated beef, Grilled beef with wild betel leaf, Hoi cake near Ben Tre School

You can go to Ben Tre market, they are not too expensive, reasonable price and fresh.

In order to drink coffee, you can go to Ham Luong hotel or Viet-Aus hotel or Lo Moi street

Pate Noodles (center of city, only some shops) , you should try once

Coconut mouse is one kind of popular food. There are many way to cook food from coconut mouse: grill, bake, curry, but the best one is bake in rice cooker. It is so amazing to try it with chily-pepper-salt. The best place is coconut garden, you can hunt the coconut mouse for cooking as well as earn money as mouse hunter by garden owners.