Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How to get a perfect cruise trip - Wake up, and Enjoy - with These Tips

The best way to enjoy the first day of your cruise is to be 'in the cruise groove' from the moment you wake up on sail away day. Some unlucky cruisers arrive at the cruise pier tired, harried, and frustrated. Others miss out on making the most of those first few hours of their cruise by making the mistake of thinking that nothing really begins until the ship is out at sea. Sadly, these folks end up short-changing themselves, by losing out on almost a whole day of sheer enjoyment.

I'm in the magical cruise groove before arriving at the pier, and make the most out of every moment of the first day of my cruise. Here's how I do it. As an experienced cruiser, I always advise those planning a Halong luxury cruise to use a good travel agent, one who specializes in cruises. Yes, I know... you're an experienced traveler, used to booking your own travel. So am I. I travel a lot. And you really believe you can save yourself money and get just what you want by calling and booking directly with the cruise line yourself. I thought that at first, too. After a few cruises, I learned better. For more details, see Whether you are driving or flying to your port of departure, do yourself a favor, and arrive at least one day before the start of your cruise.

Think of this: If your ship sails at 4:30, and your plane that was scheduled to arrive at 1:45PM is delayed by just a couple of hours, you could end up missing the ship entirely. Delays DO happen.
Not only that, you'll eliminate the stress of a tight schedule by arriving on Saturday for a Sunday cruising. Just find a hotel with a fly and cruise or park and cruise package. Your parking will be free, and they usually have a free or no cost shuttle to and from the airport and your ship's pier.