Monday, November 25, 2013

Viet Hai village- Isolated world

Viet Hai village- Cat Ba archipelago is considered as an “isolated world”–located in the midst of the valley surrounded by high mountains and jungle. Thus the local people here still retained primitive traits from ancient times. Vietnamese tourists seldom go to this place, but it has been becoming a popular attraction to the foreign tourists.
Impression probably no one could forget that is the high community awareness in this village.  In village, there are a few sweet bikes, motorbikes and if necessary you may borrow a motorbike to drive around screaming hallway in a few minutes.
You don’t need to lock vehicle because there is no robber here, you can park free everywhere, the food at this place is mostly self-sufficient as the primitive human of thousand years ago.  Every house grows clean vegetables. Even they can give to each other without hesitating. Because of this cultural practice, foreign visitors come to this village increase gradually. In recent years, together with the recognition of Cat Ba Archipelago as the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, thousands tourists have trekked through the mountains, jungles, springs to visit this unique attraction. They are interested in this wild area in the midst of the Biosphere Reserve, the Cat Ba National Park.
We can say, people with Vietnamese Customs is satisfied with their real life, they do not even think about getting rich that surrounds living together, all villagers are not hard to help each other. They live together in harmony between mountains and sea.
Nowadays, Halong bay tour advices to visit Viet Hai village: you can take a cruise junk from Halong Bay to Viet Hai harbor, then go by motorbike, bicycle, trekking to Viet Hai village passing a forest road 6 km to the village. In the village, you can visit old houses, take pictures of forest trees or see people, buffalos working on the green fields.

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