Thursday, November 7, 2013

Van Don Island - Quang Ninh

Van Don Island in Quang Ninh province is known as an ancient trade with many archaeological sites & special cultural relics. In recent years, Van Don is also included in the list of beautiful beaches in the northern region.

Dai Beach is located 60 km from Bai Chay with more than 1 hour drive - about 10km from the center of Cai Rong town. Located on the banks of the beautiful Bai Tu Long Bay, Bai Dai beach, based on pristine mountain forests, stretches to the white sand coastline and blue water. Coming here in the summer, visitors can stroll along the beach to hear the sound of whispering waves while watching the charming picture of Bai Tu Long Bay. Nearly 10 years ago, the Dai Beach area was wilderness. At that time, Van Don island was poor with many difficulties in transportation. Yet after 10 years of reform, investors have made this area becoming a tourism attraction. Though these changes have been put into operation so far, Dai Beach does not seem to lose its inherent tranquility. On sunny summer days, sitting under a casuarinas grove looking at the horizon is really a great feeling. Each morning watching sunrise, enjoying cool weather, fresh air, and strolling along the beach to enjoy the natural grandeur is the hobby of many tourists. Far out of sight, Bai Tu Long Bay is like a charming picture.

“Unspoiled& peaceful” does not mean that there’s a lack of services in the resort. Currently it is divided into two resorts in two different styles:

- The first one combines ancient and modern architecture. The hotel service area divides into different zones. The hotel is built on a majestic high hill, a magnificent palace with plentiful rooms & standard facilities. Here you can view the whole scene in front of the sea. If you prefer more privacy, under way are separate garden villas with a warm atmosphere for the whole family.

- The second one is the ecotourism based under the foot of green casuarinas groves. Here is a small port for tourists to enjoy fresh seafood. This space is suitable for large groups of tourists to bath, dinner and campfire & enjoys outdoor living... You can also try adventure exploring the natural caves around this area.

You can go down the coast to the Blessed Holy Temple, the branch of Truc Lam Yen Tu. The temple is situated in a beautiful location on a hill overlooking the sea. Visitors go there to immerse in the spiritual world.

There are many inter- provincial and inter- district buses operating continuously to bring tourists to the Bai Dai tourist area. From Bai Chay Bus Station, you can catch the 01 bus routes of Coach Corporation, with the first line is Bai Chay Station ( Halong City), and the ending is Dai Beach , Van Don , with fares for a turn to 25,000 dong.

If you need a place to rest , Dai Beach - Van Don probably should have in your choice.