Thursday, November 14, 2013

Titop island - Halong bay

Located in the central heritage area - the wonders of the world Halong Bay, about 7 - 8km to the southeast of Bai Chay harbor, Ti Top Island is considered one of the most attractive destinations, the choice of many tourists visit the Gulf.

In the map of Halong by France in the late 19th century, the island was named Cat Nang Islet. On 22/11/1962, this small island welcomed President Ho and the astronaut German Titop to visit and stay here. To mark the anniversary of that trip, President Ho Chi Minh named the island after Titop.

This beautiful small island backrest in Cua Luc bay, front view is Sung Sot gulf with Bo Hon Island, Dam Nam Islet to the right,  about 1km to the north of Bo Nau cave. The island has steep slopes, with the white sandy beach at the foot.

Unlike many other tourist attractions in Ha Long Bay, in addition to the beautiful & charming natural scenery, Ti Top Island also owns a beautiful beach, called Ti Top beach. Here, visitors can climb up the mountain to a panoramic view of this beautiful island. Looking down from above, Ti top beach is shaped like a foot moon embracing the island.

The beach area is not large but quiet, spacious and very clean. Perhaps due to these outstanding advantages, Ti top always attracts tourists to visit, especially international tourists.

To meet the needs of visitors, now the tourist services on the island of Ti Top have been relatively complete, in order to provide service to tourists at the best: bar, souvenir shop, swim buoys, water motor, kayaking ...
The cruise ships usually visit here. Visitors often get on the shore to swim or climb a stairs in the middle and another at the top of the mountain to watch the scene from above.

Ti top has been an indispensable destination in Halong’s exploration of every traveler. Give it a try to feel what nature favors this beautiful island.
(source: Gray line cruise)