Friday, December 6, 2013

Bach Long Vi

Bach Long Vi is an island which is located in the Gulf of Tonkin, Hai Phong city. Island’s length is about 3km; 1.5 km in wide, covering an area 2.5 km² supernatant to 4 km² depends on the tide, between the islands sticking out like a turtle shell to 60m high. Island has an important role in the expansion of ocean waters and the demarcation of the Tonkin Gulf. In addition, the island also lies on one of the 8 major fishing grounds of the Gulf of Tonkin, have an important place in the strategy of economic development and security - Vietnam's sea defense in the area. Nowadays, there is more and more Halong bay tours are operated in this area.

 According to legend, when founding of the early Vietnam, country had to deal with invaders. Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and a herd of Child Dragons down to earth to help the world. Dragons immediately ejected countless jewels turned into the islands to stop the enemy advance. Property mother dragon landed called Ha Long, the dragon landing spot is Bai Tu Long. Property tails waving the water dragon is Bach Long Vi. Bach Long Vi Island has no fresh water before, so it is called an island without beginning. Until the late nineteenth century, early twentieth century on the island of Bach Long Vi, there are no residents, the island only shelter for fishermen in the sea wind. By 1920, after finding fresh water wells, new residential areas in Quang Yen ( Quang Ninh) seek to live here, setting career by livestock, farming and mining on the island under the sea seafood. 1921, people began to establish European Witch; this still remains Thuy Chau village on the island.

Bach Long Vi district was established on 26.03.1993 and most people on the island are the young people of the northern coastal province to establish a new economic zone. In addition to the task force is doing, the district hired the same people put 5 round youth volunteer force and living off the island. Over 16 years of development, until now, Bach Long Vi island district has seen development in many aspects. Current population is about 1,000 people. However, due positioned on fishing grounds, the ships have landed at up to 600-700 vessels to the island population is not stable. European ships on the island can accommodate hundreds of ships to avoid the storm. Labor group on the island consists of 3 main professions: traditional fishing craft group; Group of fishing with nature and do more for service families, livestock and crops. Bach Long Vi Island’s topography is sloping coastal, low slope, oceanic climate, influenced by a tropical monsoon climate, conducive to tourism development. The specialty of the island’s southern ginseng, used to drink water instead of tea. Bach Long Vi fishing an area of 1,500 square nautical miles. The sea area has 395 species, 229 varieties of their seafood, including 61 species of high economic value: abalone, grouper, seaweed and coral.  Bach Long Vi also has a great potential for tourism with beautiful beaches. In addition to logistics development fisheries nowadays, Bach Long Vi is also known as a last resort islands located in the heart of the Gulf of Tonkin.

Island has a unique natural landscape, beautiful, green is an island, floating in the blue sea, clean and attractive allure visitors. Island reefs have underground area is a valuable resource types, an ideal place to build a natural marine reserve or marine park for ecotourism and travel underground science. Bach Long Vy is one of 15 marine protected areas Nature Vietnam has been submitted to the Government for approval.

(Source: Gray Line Halong)