Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Halong Bay- Heavenly Beauty

From Heavenly Beauty of Sea are to the smallest attentive details, all combine to make the tour a great experience halong bay cruise. Ha Long Bay is also attached to the heroic people of Vietnam history with landmarks such as Van Don – the busy trading port in the 12th century, with Bai Tho Mountain, Bach Dang River - witness the naval battle of two generations of illustrious ancestors against invaders. Not only that, Halong was one of the cradles of human beings with the glorious Ha Long culture from late Neolithic sites in archeology and known as Dong Mang, Red Earth, Soi Nhu…

These islands in Hạ Long Bay are mainly limestone and schist islands most lying in the two main areas: the southeastern part of Bai Tu Long Bay and southwestern part of Hạ Long Bay. These islands represent the most ancient images of a geographical site having a tectonic age of from 250 million to 280 million years. They are the result of many times of rising and lowering processes of the continent to form karts. The process of nearly full erosion and weathering of the karts created the unique Hạ Long Bay in the world. In a not very large area, thousands of islands with different forms look like glittering emeralds attached to the blue scarf of a virgin. The area where many stone islands concentrate has spectacular scenes and world-famous caves and is the center of Hạ Long Bay Natural Heritage, including Ha Long Bay and a part of Bai Tu Long Bay. Ha Long Bay is also home of high biodiversity with typical eco-systems like mangrove ecosystems, coral reef ecosystems, ecosystem components farming and ecology of tropical forests. With thousands of species of fauna and flora are abundant and diverse such as shrimp , fish , squid ... there are particularly rare species found only in this place .

With such special values, on 17.12.1994, in the 18th session of the Council of the UNESCO World Heritage held in Thailand, Ha Long Bay was officially recognized as a Natural Heritage world. In 2000, to this point, Halong Bay is the only legacy of the Vietnam twice recognized by UNESCO as world heritage, by value geology and geomorphology. This confirms the value of global Premier of Halong Bay.
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