Monday, December 30, 2013

Monkey Island

To Come to Monkey Island, tourists take a boat from the Beo dock and usually take about 10 minutes to go through the Cai Beo fishing village, through several small islands and then head out to Monkey Island. Before, Monkey Island is called Sandy Pineapple Island because the island has many pineapple fruit looked delicious but not edible. People often go fishing to get soaked brought drinking water to cool or dry cure diabetes medicine.

Currently, the name of the island is often called Monkey Island. The reason is that the island has more than 20 monkeys. We often play down the beach with tourists, eat the food by tourists for as bananas, apples, tangerines, candy ... funny monkeys playing, climbing impress anyone been here and people getting used here is called monkey Island.

Monkey Island is about 3 km in circumference. It is an island composed of sand mountain shape is formed over millions of years of wind and waves bring sand, rock, coral, shell types of sea creatures like seashells, sea shells, shrimp, crab legs mountains the sand stretched for miles. Monkey Island 2 beach arcs that form sand: Cat 1 and Cat 2. In particular Pineapple Cat 1 beach is longer, has stationed military barracks. This is an ideal spot for bathing tourists when traveling to Cat Ba because here in seawater and extremely green. Services here are thatched restaurant so visitors can sit soot sea breeze, buy drinks, ice cream... together with a number of services for tourists like to rent bathing suits, floats, kayaks ...

Pineapple Cat 2 beach located behind the right-hand side. There are a few hundred m2 large gardens with plants such as pandanus, three maple trees, white apple tree ... and many different kinds of birds.
When to Monkey Island, a favorite of all visitors to explore parts can climb halfway up the mountain, even up to the top of the mountain to a remote panoramic panoramic Lan Ha Bay with hundreds of large and small islands grow up on the blue water dotted the white sand beaches of sight in the distance.

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