Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nam Cat beach - Lan Ha bay

In fact, this is a complex part of the bay, gulf and smooth arcs with approximately 400 islands make up a huge painting depicting the scene and Nam Cat is a distinctive part of the island population.

Visitors can access this beach by boat. Since it only takes an hour ship tour through the small rock islands to the South Sand and enlist see daily life of the fishermen in this unique bay.
Unlike Ha Long bay, we occasionally see Lan Ha bay the cruise ship carrying foreign tourists. Tranquil waters with small fishing village life as separate from the rest of the world. So, with a kayak, visitors can freely explore the beauty of the bay with countless islands and islets groundwater frequently mountain cave. Because of this pristine tourists coming here always enjoy the peaceful feeling to explore the natural beauty and exotic seafood dishes are also fresh sea. European tourists - American backpackers often rent a boat to explore the bay islands themselves, filtering hundreds of beaches in pristine sandy beaches that are happy to camp overnight.

In the calm waters and islands, there many caves such as bat cave, dark caves there are other types of cages village of regional specialties such as cobia, snout otter, abalone, grouper... Tourists can make campfire on a deserted beach and enjoy seafood. It is always place for overnight for group travelers or groups of friends looking camping place particular play.
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