Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mountain climbing - Lanha Bay

Climbing on Cat Ba Mountain is one of tourist's favorite activities, especially foreign tourists. Nowadays, on Cat Ba archipelago, there are 8 points trekking in Cat Ba and some other points of Ha Long Bay tour operators venturing into climbing Cat Ba. Most climbers are now tourists from Western countries and their main object is to explore much adventure tourism and trekking in the island of Cat Ba and Halong.

Journey to conquer the cliffs in Cat Ba always creates strong feelings and help visitors experience the trials and improve health. Moreover, mountaineering certainly gives visitors feel strange, mixed romantic trip in Cat Ba. The fact is next to the visitors “West” familiar, many tourists in countries with common interests to conquer steep cliff on Lan Ha Bay, Ben Beo in areas or deep in the valley Union (commune Pearl).
Climbing Lan Ha Bay
Cat Ba has beautiful hiking spots, poetic and has many relatively easy climb, it is the preferred location of new domestic tourist’s access or no mountaineering skills as the technology improved abroad “colleagues”. It is located on “Tien Ong” island on Lan Ha bay to a small island cave and the rest is rock with big stalactites. This is the ideal spot to climb, low cliffs, climbing routes simple, suitable for people afraid of adventure.

There are many best climbing routes in Cat Ba which are accessible at high tide. Topography and water depth here is suitable for free climbing on the sea. Or cliff right is next to Beo wharf, one of the main port of the island of Cat Ba, place of origin of the tourist train visit Lan Ha Bay, adjacent to Cat Ba town. Cliff climbing routes here are 5. The quality of the cliff is very good, but difficult to climb as the summer can be slippery, sticking more difficult. On the other hand, people should climb to the cruise begins at the foot of the wall can sometimes be problems instruments or objects. Be prepared good health, especially psychological and contact travel agencies, tour equipment to climb, especially utensils and necessary advice of professionals before joining climb Cat Ba Mountain.