Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Enjoy “Ngan” - A kind of local seafood like clam near Bach Dang river.

“Ngán” is a kind of the local seafood like clam. However, it looks bigger than clam with white rough shell due to living under deep sand.
Ngan is a nutrient-rich food. Its meat is full of quality protit, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins and minerals needed for the body.

In its season, the fishermen often have to step deeply in sand in order to take it out. Even its name is Ngan- Meaning depress in english however it is not like its name, it is famous for a unique delicious food in Halong with good smell and rich nutrients.

Ngan is catched or purchased then put in clean water into a pot and place in a pot of rice water, or soak in warm water for 2-3 hours and then they release sand. From processing ducks can be delicious and nutritious dishes is processed into so many different dishes like boiled Ngan, grilled Ngan, Ngan salad, Ngan noodles ... Ngan is prepared in the way have different flavor but perhaps more impressed with Ngan wine.

After hitting and being washed, Ngan is opened and take a bowl to catch the water and meat sections. Ngan’s meat should be washed with the water main to not get bored and keep your blades fresh. Most people are tired of that wine is made simpler but only the indigenous people know how the new gourmet Ngan wine.

Shortly after the pre-processing clean drop brought directly into the glass and then buffing it with chopsticks for the secretion of bile Ngan, bored reaction with alcohol and water bluish color turns pink wine. This is how most delicious Ngan wine processing and commonly known as the bored folk pudding. An excellent wine fed to ensure indescribable smell fragrant and spicy taste of wine, taste sweet, honest bored of it swirled in a glass of Ngan wine.

Appetizers of customers are grinding if men drink more afraid of life, we can warm up before drinking alcohol.

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