Monday, March 3, 2014

Experience on the way to Cat Ba

If you have free time, try to come to Cat Ba from Halong by mortobike. In total nearly 2,000 islands of Halong Bay, Cat Ba Island is the largest island, which is famous for beach tourism with green pearls, fine white sand.
Come to Cat Ba, tourists often travel by high speed boat, hydrofoil or ferry or by car. By this time moving the save, however, you missed a great fun part here. If you have time, try a trip by motorbike and feel absolutely new picture of Cat Ba.

Starting from Hanoi, you can take the ferry Tuan Chau wharf - Gia Luan, Dinh Vu (Hai Phong) - Cat Ba. We chose Dinh Vu ferry. Per hour ferry passengers should not have to wait long. It takes about an hour and a half you have officially set foot on the island
If traveling by train, you'll be taken directly to the center island. Also take a ferry, on the shore after you will experience 25km of coastal road with unforgettable images. Winding asphalt road nestled under the cliffs; hidden escape ramp briskly with no less bends the northwestern stretch of road.
Dinh Vu ferry - Cat Ba operate continuously throughout the day from 6pm to 17pm, includes two stages: Dinh Vu - Ninh Tiep (from Hai Phong to Cat Hai Island) and God - The Vieng (from Cat Hai Island to Cat Ba Island, the dock also referred to as terminals Vieng Vieng). Fares are cheap between 5.000 and 3.000 for each station. Guests included 20.000 motorcycles and 12,000 dong.

Impression of Cat Ba in the tourists that is clean and orderly. It is shown from coast beaches covered with smooth white sand, clear blue water until the entire path than 30km from the ferry terminal to the district center Vieng beautiful flat . If by car, you will probably miss the scenery as it may fall asleep while driving too quiet.
Early afternoon, we reached the center island. Despite being the tourist season, also not too difficult to find a pleasant room whether you are people Backpacker or those with very high requirements.
After a break, the journey continues with the Divine Fortress. Steep winding road up to 177m altitude above sea level. This is a historic district including the battle for her two big guns and tunnel system, trench fortifications built in the 1940s.
There is a small corner of a traveler does not have to be missed. That cafe Fortress. Very quiet aloft hotel bar, sipping on coffee, breathe the sea breeze and reduces eye on all the beauty of Cat Ba Island. At its foot is the second most beautiful beach in the island: Cat Co 1 and Cat Co 2 center with panoramic island.

Especially in Cat Ba Bay, hundreds of fishing boats and cruise ships covered the bay side as scenes from the Trojan War. The far out at sea, the islands hidden ball chessboard title. You will see Monkey Island, Voi Phuc mountain, Chau Long Island bobbing on the waves.
In the Afternoon, back to Cat Ba town, the road leads visitors up 1-4 to the Cat Co beach. Or drop into cooler waters, or stroll on the unique path connecting cliff hanging on Cat Co 1 beach ... Cat Co 3 together. After dinner, everyone put down the road, the cool sea breeze blowing slightly strained. Someone sat sipping beer bottle on the banks of the bay, watching the colored lights flashing on the boat float to the beach. 
From Cat Ba, you can also ride to Viet Hai village for seeing life in almost every place isolated from the outside world. You can also leisurely stroll on the Lan Ha Bay with countless caves probably unknown to or make the long trek to explore its streets in the supply of Cat Ba National Park. Cycle routes run along the national forest, the other side always makes clinging coast rider surprised. The tourism business units here are willing to give tourists rent a small scooter to explore the island district itself. Come and experience a once in each round Cat Ba motorcycles.