Friday, April 18, 2014

Carnival Ha Long 2014: Sea culture is main key

Carnival Ha Long – “brand” of Quang Ninh tourism is expected to take place at 27- 4, is one of the major events to celebrate 50th anniversary of establishment of the province. Carnival this year with the theme “Discover colorful local culture” will maximize identity, cultural values of ethnic, cultural potential - of the tourism regions to invite friends, visitors from near and far come to Ha Long - Quang Ninh. With many new features, Carnival Ha Long 2014 promises attractive for visitors from near and far.

Accordingly, the script program will focus on exploiting deep, vivid colors of the local culture with a professional cast of about 400 people, not professional actors around 4,000 people. The program includes: opening ceremony, performing arts, programs Carnival parade and fireworks.
This year BTC will increase 4 LED screen outside for people to track. The stage program was designed as an open space, simple but meaningful, expected capacity crowd of about 8,000 seats.
A new feature of the 2014 Carnival Ha Long Bay is the location. Previously, street festivals are also held in Bai Chay ferry lines along the old, this year will move to the new location Hoang Quoc Viet street, Hung Thang Ward ( Halong City ), where there are large spaces, wide-open space, the viewer is not restricted as the old location. Reportedly, the biggest drawback is that the electrical infrastructure of the province is expected to be mobilized to invest long-term use for the next year.
“Carnival this year will explore broader, deeper cultural values of indigenous peoples colorful Carnival Ha Long in 2012 but has not made conditional. The blocks show, themed group show introducing colorful cultural regions combined performances and original art at a higher level of the value of intangible cultural characteristics of the ethnic ...”- Mr. Hoang Quoc Thai, Deputy Director of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, writer confirmed Carnival Ha Long 2014. Speaking about the first time decided to empower provincial “commander” the script and the director of human “internal”, he said: “This year, the idea of the professional crew are free upon now, do not depend on others. Indigenous cultural values and how much, we will try to push up all the way.
According to the draft script Carnival Ha Long 2014 street festival will be a performance of almost continuous hours on “stage” on the big 2km in length with 4,000 participants’ shows. As such, visitors will enjoy during Carnival this way rather than just watch in the stands and neighborhood centers as last year. At the same time, the proportion of people participating Quang Ninh in the Carnival will show up near 90 %. In addition to the big screen for stage decoration, this year there will be 4 instead of 2 large screen displays as last year installed along this road to serve the residents and visitors can see the total communication programs through direct TV. The art form can present Carnival this year like last year, including performing arts (singing, dancing, music) on stage combined street festival (the float, dance, folk performances of peoples, regions and cultures ...) but go into specific content are also new features. As art programs will be on stage sounding mainstream, through Halong sea is colored with expected items such as Screen Theater, dance “Coal Sea”, the song “Halong night Sea”, “Time of the song written on Ha Long Bay”, “Beach memories “and so on. Here, visitors will encounter a lot of singers who become famous for singing, back to Quang Ninh. The international team will be alternating performances: China, South Korea, the Philippines, and Laos...

Biggest Highlights, most awaited by tourists in the street festival this year will feature 10 floats model, the volume electric express Quang Ninh tourism resources associated with 8 themed “The Colors culture “. In the block performance, professional actors perform the art of folk performances as well as the “core “of the block performance, local non-professional actors perform folk performances, folk games in the original staged on the basis of artistic and cultural reproduction part. Especially this year, Carnival is expected to take place on a uniform background music based on the musical material development of ethnic and folk seamlessly harmonizes with modern music material.

In particular, the theme of “Colors of the Dragon” dragon down to the legendary Ha Long is also the desire of the earth dragon flying up in the new Olympics. On the topic of human resources emphasis today Quang Ninh, along with restructuring the “Spring Festival opera village” shows the origin of the Red River civilization where industrial land, typical of the island province. Theme “Colors of Wonders” introduced beautiful scene and legendary specialty of Ha Long Sea and also introduced the original inhabitants of ancient and modern Halong. Theme “Colors festival “emphasizes cultural tourism potential, rich festival of the province. Visitors can see here many unique festivals as well as a number of traditional games in the Spring Festival in Quang Nigh.
Then, on the theme “Colors of Sea Island” is the highlight tone “Type harsh” for old people fishing the sea, the swimming competitions in the village unique brush sea and ceremony “bride” - a special cultural activities, private Ha Long sea fishermen ... But the theme of “Colors of fire rocks”, “reminds visitors of the province's major natural resource is coal, associated with the life of miners. The unique features of the intangible cultural heritage of Quang Ninh continue to be bold in the next two themes as “Colors indigenous” and “Colors of spiritual culture”. In particular, the outstanding value of the Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen and many folk cultural activities of ethnic minorities in the area. Theme “International Colors” last appearance in the sense of European call friends come to Ha Long.

By this time, along with the script, the part of the preparations for this year's Carnival began boot. Let's hope the other ideas being realized Halong Carnival 2014 will become a real product attractive, elevate brand for tourism in Quang Ninh.