Friday, April 4, 2014

Delicious as rice paper rolls Hanoi

One winter morning wake up craving something hot, which is not easy to swallow noodles, spring rolls I remembered. The jacket is back; catch a bus to a friend's house knocking Hang Cot and two user-defined to Hang Ga, “Blintz Phoenix " opened the door, to welcome the first guests.

Tiny shop, house number 68, new paint repair should look outstanding between the houses wall yellow, brown roof nearby. Unique in that shop is only open from 7 am correct and not all guests at up to 11 noons. Tables and chairs can be stowed most are due in Town particular, crowded.

A small - plot protruding pavement is the seat of the coated cake specialist, who specializes sprinkle onions, do not move to the client, who oversees dedicated parking, clean bowl chopsticks. Yet almost all dense, the people who have it, never quarrel occurred, although customers sometimes have to stand in line to turn into new business.

We were the opening line of “cake Phuong book “earlier that day. The coated wheels wearing only a sweater once, because the heat radiating from a separate boiler warm up enough to make her pink cheeks.

On the table, sauces, herbs, peppers, garlic, pepper ready. Fresh green basil, greasy. Fill sauce are warm, shining amber, visible red pepper slices and pieces of the sliced mushrooms. I “to” Hang Ga -rolls as well as material things, “not just one” of this dish: mushrooms.

Along with the fungus, lean meat, onions, mushrooms and fried shredded cooked to make people cake. Also be chopped mushrooms, sautéed aromatic bowl and drop into hot sauce, diners feel the aroma, a crunchy dish.

Two- spring rolls are brought out in front of us. Pieces of soft white rolls, shining, clear view of both the executive and slice mushrooms shredded stacked on a turquoise plate. Next to it was a few slices of cinnamon rolls were steaming hot. A few stalks of green herbs coated with a green top. I 'm curious companions looked carefully sprinkle a little pepper; add a few slices of chili drop into the bowl of sauce. “It is cold, this is the best!” He laughed.

Air sauce salty enough sweet tart taste. Hot rolls, soft, fragrant smell of mushrooms, lean meat, black fungus. A little basil stalks of airlines. All air into an irresistible taste. We constantly pick anyone until the empty disc, only a few left ... thyme stalks. The friend winked, “Warm people, right? “. I regret , not want to stand up for busy inhaling the aroma of the bread plate is to be brought to book for the next guests ...

I love the rolls. Most of the provinces I also tasted this dish. Lang Son eat egg rolls on the day, is strange. Spring rolls accompanied Halong delicious bold ink. Tam Dao rolls barbecue food between heaven and earth a foggy and chilly mention interesting.

Particularly in Hanoi alone how many rolls formula : Cake rolled Thanh Tri ( suburban ) a simply delicious, chicken rolls last person unfamiliar Hang Bo Street, Thanh Van 's shrimp rolls fragrant shrimp Hang Ga Street illustrious head .... And yet, recognition, I just love fungal rolls, meat shop Phuong Hang Ga .

Not small shops , beautiful look to Hang Ma brilliant Christmas colors each level , new year , bowl nor tasty sauce tasted soft lips every time , do not you go along you charming smile ..., which is probably a good dish of Hanoi in the main space , where the dishes have a hundred years of age , was formed in an ancient street, ancient ...

I love Hanoi early winter, when the wind blows cold enough to make people sit down to a top restaurant rolls Hang Ga Street, watching the smoke coated the cake on hand, smell the fragrant rice , from onions, mushrooms , pie tasted great book but very simple feat of making it . So how much is enough for loving me in a land called Hanoi!