Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snack places in Hanoi

No outside presence on the street, do not need hype, the following restaurants attract diners have any shops that have always dreamed of. Prices may be low or high, but if a time to enjoy, you will find coins deserved bowl of rice.

1. 72 Tran Hung Dao Tea

Mixed probation in Lane 72 Tran Hung Dao has nearly 40 years of age (1976), has passed away 3. A cup of tea costs here ... 35 thousand, can be said to be the most expensive in Hanoi today. However, we can say expensive but Tran Hung Dao tea “sandwiches”.

Tea mixed with 17 fruits like jackfruit, longan, custard, chocolate treasure buffalo's, Pearl’s grapes, coconut... In addition, the store also serves complimentary jasmine tea and bread more unique roast for 20 thousand VND / unit.

Prices are quite high, but the taste in tea cups mixed difference here is correct, there is not any tea in any restaurant in Hanoi.

2. Tea Bobochacha, lane 92 of the North

About ten years ago, in fact bobochacha probation also located in “prime “at the beginning of a great lane (lane 92) on Cua Bac Street. Back then; this tea shop combined with a skewer meat shop was next to the hearts of teenage customers. But for whatever reason, suddenly two sides, the dispute arose before probation was transferred into the lane headlines.

Though not walk much farther but still takes occasional guest turn again and see the new signposts recovered bobochacha favorite tea shop.

Strange is hidden from underground into the shop was even more crowded. Most customers also expanded scope, not only is her pupil, but also students and people love snacking at the office to find consistency.

Perhaps by comparison with other tea dishes in Hanoi, the bobochacha quite strange is not in touch. There are 3 types of tea: black, white and fruit flavors easy to eat, helped soothe, cool bar where prices are affordable for teens.

The restaurant is in the opposite lane Phan Dinh Phung, kh sale from noon to 6pm range only. Price 10 million VND / 1 bowl but you will have to spend more money to send 5 thousand cars outside.

3. Bread rolls Westlake ( Ly Tu Trong flower garden )

Located in connection Thuy Khue gardens and Youth, bread roll bar and rustic look normal. Diners sit at the bar on plastic chairs anxiously waiting their turn. Bread rolls is not a strange dish, but to find a good bakery rolls will not be easy. Choose yourself a sesame place under the trees, we watch the skillful physician shippers cake peeled, cut rolls ...

Soft bread rolls served hot, there’s a lot of meat. Especially a disc wheel is always filled with sausage and cucumber. There are 4 types of sausage: silk rolls, beef rolls, spring rolls and cereal ears. The shop is always crowded with young diners.

Price 25 thousand / cake full of rolls, though somewhat “harsh” but looking cake plate filled sausage dock, you will see rice bowl well worth it.

4. Cucumber Tree Si Bun fish ( Trung Yen Lane, Dinh Liet from turning on )

Trung Yen Lane twisting tiny but there are many fine-dining, popular. One of them is fish noodle stall si Sam tree.

The name “Sam tree si" also arises from the sale of the bends in the right lane, next to a tree si, and her name is Sam shippers. Outside the restaurant looks a bit sleazy for vehicles located in the east lane of travel.

But in return bun delicious fish here. Tilapia, fried crispy, thick piece of fish, water schemes.

Especially dishes including fried fish shop that has 3 layers, made from ground meat, shell fish and rice flour milling. Each ball cost 5 thousand members.

Restaurant located deep in the lane so if you want to eat, you send the car in the street and walk Hang on.

5. Porridge shop boys ( Last Quan Thanh street )

The restaurant is right behind Quan Thanh Temple, Quan Thanh street end. Bowl full of pretty boys here. If you go 3-4 from 2 bowls just call and call some other dishes. Porridge boy 20 thousand VND / bowl, iced tea 3 trillion VND / 1 cup.

A dish of this restaurant is also a favorite bun is real cool. Bun oc cold if windy, beef, beans and whole building is 45 thousand. If the building is only 30 thousand.

Prices here are not cheap but the quality is excellent.

6. Bun Hong Phuc Ngo

Location: Hong Phuc Lane, near Hang Dau boots. If Hang Than street, then go find it will take more work. You should go to the top line, Blessed lane on the left.

This is a long bun every year, a lot of people preferred. Restaurant opens 24/24h but never absent client. Previously, only one lane Blessed fish noodle restaurant, along with the time and the development of increasingly more shops were opened to meet the needs of customers.

Pho “noodle fish” is an attractive destination for pilgrims night play. The soup is quite plump fish: fish and meat is sliced thick, square, fried, fried fish Hai Phong -style thin all be “embedded " sweet sour broth incredibly delicious. In addition, customers can add specialty is fried fish head, chan slightly sour broth, add vertical nets, sip the wine very well.

Another plus point for fish noodle Blessed is no price difference as the restaurant the other night. 30.000d is the amount you pay for a bun nutty.

7. Grilled clones at Khuong Thuong

“Organization” is a parody of rolls Khuong Thuong village. That is why the olden days outside this village is the village called “split gut, skin peeling “to refer to how to make fake food, frogs, cordage redemption of the village.

Shop Ha Khue her home, with 70 -year -old is the most crowded. Shop only sells from 10 am to 1 pm.
Call the store for her to do but do not dread selling fake and always at home, only serve the food group from 6 persons or more. Buyers of very many, many meetings lined the narrow lane.

The dish is made from knockoff called something weird name, sometimes a bit further: Crispy Beef dish knockoff pants; fake fried marinated dish is both the nude, fake fried breaded dish is both the “pants term” knockoff called hash mat rolls.

If you go east people eat an average price range are 50 to 80 thousand VND / person. The woman was a bit difficult here; you should buy the best food in the house.