Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Romantic Nam Cuong sand hill

Nam Cuong sand hill is a pristine tourist destination of Ninh Thuan Province. Here, beside the village of Cham ethnic minority , visitors will be admiring the smooth ribbon of sand , the spring lambs lounging or flowers blooming cactus makes excellent racing untouched beauty but no less romantic .

Nam Cuong sand hill measuring 700 hectares, close to the city of Phan Rang 8km southeast of the village Tuan Tu, An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc District. No prominent as Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Nangang hiding after winding roads through villages, while uphill, sometimes downhill. But around the world, but visitors will admire the colors yellow, red wild cactus bud strong vertical entrance where arid soil. One of the interesting things of Nam Cuong sand hill that change appearance every hour, every day. The wind is quite strong. Going over the hill, visitors will feel like playing with each gust of wind swept.

Cat in Nangang often transformed by the action of wind and rain. So your feet, care of the girls on the deep sand tracks also erased after a few hours. Just winds " sing " , blew hard on the golden sands region where the curve slopes of sand to create flexible charms and other strange before , looks away as waves float bobbing on the ocean .

The most beautiful moment to admire the dunes is the dawn , the first sunny blue yellow sand spreading on grassland evident that the class is " color resolution " morning , evening and then gradually flushed commitment to excellence pale . There is straight bathing grassland, savanna soaring overwhelmed the other eye, the constant wave the white flag momentum tone curve. If more imagination, you can visualize many special shapes formed of sand - a specialty of the sun and wind Nangang.

Follow the sandy slopes; if you look closely you will see a lot of small landslides. Whole in the roof that land is inhabited by a reptile, a relative of prehistoric dinosaurs millions of years ago: the thunderstorm. If local people had the same estate on the sand dunes, the tourists would never forget.

With such equipment, the whole convoy crept through the bushes cactus, bath tub and sea groves on the sand to find the thunderstorm. The thunderstorm is shaped like a chameleon, smooth skin plump green with yellow spots. They dive into the sand very quickly. Professional hunters can discover their footprints in the sand or area they feed. Rain running very fast from this bush bush being the other, the “slingshot players “ to shoot fast and accurately to lower them . The sand hills boys slung very good here, rarely prey loss.

Sometimes a lot of them deep down sandy burrows. People use a spade to dig and crannies catch block, sometimes catching a few common copper cable in a cave. Time decades ago, the thunderstorm is considered wild reptiles; few people catch it on meat to eat. Yet in recent years, copper has become a famous specialty farms that many thunderstorms occur.

Rain in Ninh Thuan is considered as a specialty and is a tonic, can be processed into many dishes like salad, grilled, roasted peppers discharge, respiratory, perturbed ... white meat, hunting and sweet. Middle The most delicious meat in the rainy season, while the vegetables are growing produce an abundant food source for thunderstorms.

Another characteristic of the sand dunes is Nangang Taking pictures of the girl silhouetted walking on sand smooth. They skinned plums, graceful in traditional dress: long dresses ankles, but no matter hijab veil, wearing water , soft footsteps , the colors adorn the large golden sandy slopes .

Besides, when standing on the highest sand grassland here, visitors can also admire the beauty of the remote Rub Bang - the legendary mountains of the Cham, standing, majestic, looks away as tongues giant hammer. If visiting in May 4-6, you would be lucky to attend the festival in the range Nai Po huge amount of folk music and dance special care, showing good weather wishes of agricultural dwellers here now.

Also, if you have to sand dune at Ninh Thuan, tourists also do not forget to visit Ha Nhi villages with bold landscapes peaceful nomads. Here, one sheep in herds, the number from hundreds to thousands of children. In the afternoon shadow shrine, the image of sheep herdsman on peace Greenfield beautiful and simple. Many young people come here to perform for your wedding slideshow of vivid white sheep roaming between.

Nam Cuong sand hills, walking on the golden sand ripples early morning or late afternoon , shadow looming in the distance looked every deep blue ocean , visitors can see the charming girl Cham, black water security charming in traditional dress, long skirts ankles , but no matter hijab veil, wearing water, soft footsteps leaving marks on the sand like an art painting.