Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bach Ma Mountain – unplanned journey

My hometown is in Quang Tri so I had been to many beaches many times so now I want to access forest that is the Bach Ma National Park which was brought into my sight, and it is such a wild mountain forest. Then I decided to take a trip to Bach Ma forest. Even I have not known much information about this place.
In the group, there are 2 people from Hue, others travelling from north to the south of Vietnam.

Thanks to my friend, I can catch a bus to the mountain. This shuttle bus has 12 seats, there is only one client, a tour guide and driver so we would like to transplant immediately. Costs are from 900 thousand to 500 thousand / 6 people.

Usually, I don’t have any plan in advance yet I always get lucky enough whole. Nearly at 9am, I reach the top of Bach Ma, the road is winding. Higher you go up, the more beautiful sceneries of forest appear. I’m overwhelmed by the scenery here.

It takes 45 minutes to reach peak near Vong Hai Dai parking, get off the bus, Vong Hai Dai Bach is the highest point, it can be seen from Lang Co Bay, Truoi Lake...

After admiring the beauty and shooting at two stations, the groups got on the car and ran 5km down the "Five Lakes" and Do Quyen waterfall. It took nearly 2km to Five Lake, walking in the woods over the next 30 minutes.

Five lake is set consists of 5 lakes in 5 different high points; the 3rd lake is the most beautiful lake so we had lunch on its bank and bathed in it. The water in the lake is very cold; we bought beer and put in the water, it comes cold and no need ice.

On the lake, there is a gorgeous waterfall, after had lunch and bath, we start to go to Do Quyen waterfall. Above the waterfall, overlooking the whole show rolling mountains, the waterfalls are two Rhododendron flowers, March blooming rhododendron flowers are white the 2 sides, I very much hope will come into bloom season to watch the wonderful scene that great.

You should get out the car; try to follow some trails to discover more things in this place. I’m surprise that Bach Ma mountain is so spectacular. Goodbye Bach Ma National Park, the trip was really wonderful.