Friday, July 25, 2014

Mysterious Beauty Po Sah Inu Tower

Come to Binh Thuan, visitors hardly ignore a fascinating tourist destination with unspoiled beauty, mystery and spirituality. It is the Po Sah Inu Tower (Poshanu), also known as Cham Tower.

Po Sah Inu Tower is a group of Cham towers were left by the ancient Cham kingdom, located on a Ba Nai hill, Phu Hai ward, far away from Phan Thiet city about 7 km to the north-east.

Group Po Sah Inu towers built over 1,200 years ago to now only 3 main tower, medium, small, otherwise known as Tower A, Tower B, Tower C, Tower square, three-story, the more upward increasingly smaller, the pressure cylinder walls are cylindrical tower of artistic styles Hoa Lai tower group. All the doors of the cluster of towers are turning to the east, in the sense of the direction of spiritual care.

A main altar holds tower Linga - Yoni slippery stone, symbol of the genitalia Male - Female, the most sacred object of desire expressed Care proliferation and development of the nation. Legend Tower C is where worship of fire and where to wait before the ceremony in the main tower, Tower B Nandin but this church mignon mignon no object.

Towers were symbols of the heyday of the kingdom of Champa from the eighth century to the ninth century. Here is where Shiva, then more churches Princess Po Sha Inu. In addition, the body heat and also kidney Nandin church tower.

Come to Po Sah Inu tower, visitors can feel the unique architectural towers, delicate clusters of towers. Decorative Sculpture way typical of ancient Cham people make the majesty and mystery. Tower Hill is located on Ba Nai highest peak is upstairs Mr. Huang is well known through poetry Han Mac Tu.

From high above looking down watching around natural beauty. In front of the blue sea, behind the direction of the city of Phan Thiet. Tourists will see when arriving relaxed by tower located on the beautiful terrain, have the opportunity to explore the spiritual lands and enjoy the beautiful scenery and charming.

The site is located on the road from Phan Thiet to Mui Ne, which is convenient for tourists to visit the. The area still looks pristine retain its inherent centuries since, though about 7 km from the city. Resort management board only investor to build stairs up the hill and airport parking. Private area upstairs tower and Huang are retained wild character, poetic. The moonlit night, standing in downtown Ocean Hill still visible tower Shiva and Huang floor on top of the hill. During the day, these two works can be seen at a distance of 10-15 km.

Currently, Po Sah Inu tower is recognized as a national monument and is an attractive tourist destination, attracting visitors by the primitive beauty, more spiritual part. Here, still retain vestiges of Cham ancient worship.

On the occasion of the country's largest, Cham artisans and dance to this organization, to serve tourists. Three-and-out drum kilns, Sarah trumpet-deer of the K'lu (son) the pulsating dance Kamei flexibility of Tara (daughter).

On or about October calendar, Cham people from all pley (village) in the province of Ka-numb this ceremony to worship the gods, ancestors, for good weather. Princess Po Sah Inu are considered a god's country Pajai as Ba Chua Xu, Ba Thien Hau in folk beliefs of the Vietnamese people. Ka-International Festival traditionally takes place; there are many shaman Linga-Yoni statue bathing ceremony and procession sometimes excellent, offering clothes for Princess Po Sah Inu.