Thursday, July 31, 2014

Chau Me - The beautiful color scheme

Chau Me (Pho Chau, H. Duc Pho, Quang Ngai) is located in Quang Ngai city which is far away about 60km to the south. It is a natural bay also looks pristine. Sandy beaches fringing arc in a green coastline. Casuarinas groves are waving with wind. Wave is waving to the coast.

In the early morning I have seen many groups of tourists walking on the beach. Chau Me is a beautiful color scheme of nature: the carpet of golden sand, green pine forests, blue sea, blue floral, mountain foot beams in the blue water the locals.

The painting "summer sea" was attractive from the Bong Son and Tam Quan (Binh Dinh), the Duc Pho, Quang Ngai. Wedge service restaurants fully booked. Groups of five or six people experiencing coastal ocean canvas as "base" for a day and play hard with the sea.

Particularly some couples handbags shoes, bare feet in the sand, the sun started an immense ceiling. They do not need the umbrella hat. There have been shielding shades of love. There are also couple hundred sit beneath the ocean whispers about a hundred years old.

A small family of four is carpeting, displays of food and drink at the seaside. The husband asked me to click a few shots when I pass by. He and his wife from Australia about, this beach for 15 year wedding anniversary and see two children are the result of love here.

From sandy beaches overlooking the vast sky and sea. At the foot of the rapids, "fireworks" are firing up endless sea. It is a burst of waves hitting the rocks, high up white foam. The stones put them up together, just protruding solid medium. And yet strangely, from barren and those who suddenly reached out a few bunches of wildflowers. A multi metaphorical meaning of life?

I swooping into the youth group is preparing lunch, ask where you were going to play. One girl said the articulate spiritual "some place new galaxies". Time has the stomach lining.

Asian Me is not only scenic but also a place where many enjoy fresh seafood dishes. Furthermore, the bartender is the pure-minded farmers; they are not available player "razor" under the share charge, only moderate to earn some profit child to school. So prices should gently diners do not feel "heartbeat shaky legs" while holding payment slip.

Sitting under the shade of the positive plate of boiled crab with salt pepper lemon, sipping beer with some extremely interesting. Steamed shrimp and sweet ginger sauce put all criticism. Real estate acrid smoke, smell fragrant chilli, wears jewelry that sniffed. This dish suitable for ladies for more food, and her cheeks as rosy.

If European visitors to reach Me in the morning will feel half full of great fresh seafood dozens. After several hours of dip nets into the sea, the boat returned, each with dozens of shrimp fishing sign. Visitors can swim pants rolled out sailing close friend, take the fish eye holes, cobia, silver fish cheeks, grouper, cuttlefish ... net fresh, and shining silver.

You can buy the boat seafood at affordable prices and portable bar straight up through their entire favorite recipe. They will be happy to help you. Only once was there even delicious seafood dinner to enjoy the early summer until late fall that has not expired ... stupor.

Saturday, Sunday, Chau Me beaches bustling with dozens of visitors to the weekend break. Outside rocking waves. Under the original positive, also swinging hammock wings.

Quite a lot of young people say this place is a space of love. They seem more lyrical increase carrying a guitar every time to these romantic waters. At noon, the shadow of the cool monsoon winds are positive, uplifting guitar sound will grace your excitement among the small countries in Chau Me.