Monday, August 18, 2014

Preparations for travelling in this fall - winter season

Warm clothing is essential. Long-sleeved T-shirt, jeans, and leather jacket, windbreaker, rain jacket is the best choice to wear in the cold weather. Girls should not wear short skirts. Clothing should be dark to avoid getting dirty and help the body absorb more heat.

Shoes should be soft. Do not wear high heels your feet will get pain easily.  You should have an anti water shoe to walk in the rain.

If you travel in Europe, Korea, Japan, China and the United States during the period from early November to early March, you should bring a thick sweater, thick socks, gloves, scarves and beanie.

When you have a cold, you can apply some wind oil, but should not be applied when you are outdoors, because the oil becomes cold when it has wind. It is the best way to use warm towel to wipe the face, neck, arms and legs when you get cold.

When you go to cold countries, you should not drink ice water, because cold water makes your body temperature down quickly.

Cold Climate easy to do for chapped skin, dry lips, the girls should bring hand lotion, hand lotion, and lip moisturizer to apply before you go out.

In cold weather, you should not shower and wash your hair with hot water so as to make the scalp dry.

And of course, you do not forget to bring the essential items like medicine headache, abdominal pain, drugs for your personal, private bandwidth ...