Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Thung Nham Bird Park in Ninh Binh

Located deeply in the mountains and far from residential areas, Thung Nham is known to be home to many migratory birds. Besides watching birds, you can also explore the caves on the water and in the mountains.

In terms of administrative boundaries, Thung Nham is located in Ninh Hai commune, Hoa Lu district. Bird Valley is surrounded by tropical forest strips on Limestone Mountains, with valleys and caves. Thung Chim time has been put into exploitation in tourism (due to company trade Tourism and Business Student establishment), with landscape items, in areas including Accommodation, restaurants, amusement parks for team building activities. However, if you only need to watch the birds, they also organize tickets reserved for this activity. The following article will provide some information about tourist attractions Thung Nham.

Travel from Hanoi along National Highway 1A, when to fall 3 large gates you turn right, follow the directions to Tam Coc tourist area. Drive straight, go through the Tam Coc, Bich Dong Pagoda oriented, close to the temple will have one 3-way split, watched you turn left signposted. From here you will just drive straight to Cliff Valley resorts.

The first area you will see the boat ticket. In order to Thung Nham will have 2 ways, take the boat right from the first paragraph, you can buy ferry tickets to go straight to the Thung Nham, ferryman will go through the ravines, caves to take you well into the Buddha Cave.

The best attractions in the Valley should go Nham is: Hang Buddha (sail on, in Thach Rocks Hang with him sitting Buddha, dark cave with no electric lighting), plays solid (on the road) 3 floors with lots hides the cement shimmering stone is like "Tran space, hell and paradise." Legend has it that the ancients were up here Esplanade God to pray for rain, thunder, harvests, garden birds (a wetland, on which many luxuriant vegetation, facilitate resident birds nest).

To watch birds, you should go to the range late afternoon about 17 pm, it's time for foraging birds, many bird season is Autumn However, if you do not have time you can also visit at 14h-15h to go back in time if you go during the day Hanoi.

With the family favorite resort, or union groups in the company, they can go through the night and stayed here. By Cliff Valley resorts are full infrastructure to cater for their stay. But try not to enjoy the food and accommodation services here, but Andy found space and landscape ecology are already quite fit right.

If in the night you will have the opportunity to visit all the points in Thung Nham, especially visiting Bird Park area late afternoon (time Birds of many). With the union group travel, you can organize team building activities in the evening campfire and exchange. Also if you stay overnight, you can also go  to Thung Nham combined with other attractions such as the Bich Dong Pagoda, Tam Coc Scenic Area, or The Galaxy (newly opened, very nice, located next to the Buddha Caves). You do not necessarily have to sleep in Thung Nham, you can stay in the hotel in the city of Ninh Binh, or sleeping in motels Tam Coc.

With the day you go, you can visit the Buddha Cave, who plays world and the Bird Park. If you have not visited the park at dusk, birds can also visit at about 15h, but not many birds but also be visiting it.

You can buy tickets online for sightseeing (package of attractions) to 100,000 VND / person.
Or visit the Bird Park mansion after 17h at 50,000 VND / person. Children <1.3 m 50% of charge.