Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cai Chien Island

When it comes to Hai Ha people often remember the tea plantation, cultivation of sugarcane, Acacia, cinnamon etc. Rich. But few know Hai Ha also has a romantic island ... Cai Chien That island is separated from the mainland, in the commune's administrative map Cai Chien, to take the train takes about 30-40 minutes from the Port of Shanghai Ha is new to the island.

During a visit to Hai Ha, I was fortunate to be in accordance with the delegation of the island district. Small boat surfing on the waves of silver, away from the mainland, just in sight as the white sands, blue ocean, the islands rising from the sea.

After more than 30 minutes of riding on the waves of silver, Cai Chien appeared before us, it is an island like giant whale rising from the sea, long body, her narrow. Step foot on the island, I'm really amazed with the scenery here, a rich blue, the birds chirping, all tired from the trip on the sea suddenly vanish. On the concrete road leading to the island, the vice secretary of the Party Committee island commune wit told me: "There are many exciting things ahead too, he just let me do the tour guide." I was excited, nervous ...

And indeed moving, as new discoveries see this beautiful island and romantic attraction. The road circling the island has been concreted makes travel more convenient. 108km2 island commune wide but only 154 households distributed in 3 villages. The people of the island are very friendly and hospitable. Their work is mainly fishing. On the coastal tidal flats looming shadow people go snails.

Relatively unspoiled island with an area of over 500 hectares of primary forest and in the forest there are many ancient trees, birds and animals such as monkeys, wild boars, pythons ... and especially a lot of birds reside here. We gather from around the nest, do not always live up missing birdsong. So the task of protecting natural forest protection and ecosystem commune officials and all the people at the forefront.

Go down the eastern side of the island, a romantic space out front with sandy beaches stretching. Especially as this sandy beaches without the impact of humans should retain the inherent beauty of natural creation. In particular, the sands of the Dragon Head area are large and more beautiful, with more than 2km2 sands stretching, gentle, blue ocean waters, and are an ideal beach. The coastline is straight casuarinas forest, lush green reflected into the water. Afternoon after a bath, you can go casuarinas forest with relaxing hammocks heard whispering waves, birds chirping ...

More specifically, from the First Dragon yard, you can continue to sail through the Green Fashion Island, and the island is also quite beautiful and unspoilt with many beautiful beaches. Even from there can look out Coto, Trui Hon, Hon Vinh Thuc (Mong Cai), gorge (Van Don). With that position, which has extremely important implications for national security island?

After a day exploring the island and roamed the beach, you can relax by the shoulder to the jetty for fishing. There are many types of fish and bait just once is has been a fantastic meal aim.

Cai Chien really has a lot of interesting things that you want to explore your journey. However, the current tour of Cai Chien still potential so is not known and no electricity on the island, traffic way back, no travel services for tourists. Cai Chien So to really develop its potential value for its then needs attention and investment by individuals and businesses in and outside the province.