Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kim Quy Cave

The cave is located on Dam Nam island which has a high mountain of 187m. Dam Bac island is in font and Soi Sim Island is behind. A small path leads up to mountain, where stalactites are formed which looks white and soft, drooping from the ceiling.

Inside the Cave, there are more than 30 ironwood piles of Tran Hung Dao which was used to plug the Bach Dang River which still exist here. It is the stalagmite that they are distributed everywhere but there are obvious ways, they are highly polished and their length is about 30 - 40cm, that looks just like real wood yard stakes.

Cave is associated with the ancient legend of the Golden Turtle. The story goes that after the Golden Turtle helped King Le Loi defeated enemy, the sword and the Golden Turtle get crowded swim pools, as this has a lot to Halong demonic harassment.

After finishing kill demons, it’s time that Golden Turtle was exhausted, have found them in this dynamic and petrified. Today in the Kim Quy, Golden Turtle remains in position of sleeping, with old wounds on her body. Tourist can discover this bay by booking 3 day tour of Grayline Halong Cruise - one of the top famous brand tour supplying Halong Bay junk cruise tours in Halong Bay.