Monday, December 15, 2014

Contemplation at Sword Lake ( Hoan Kiem Lake )in the late fall

Fall in Hanoi is still the best. It could have been less romantic and lyrical place as the capital of thousands of years of civilization. The images of Sword Lake in Hanoi in the late fall is so gentle. High Sky, blue loud and white, gentle sun, the sun is a yellow dye a shiny, bright. The wind is gently blowing, sweeping leaves which makes a unique beauty that only those who have been close to Hanoi could completely feel.

Late autumn, the sun is no longer yellow silkworm cocoon; the color is yellow as honey. The yellow color of earth and sky stand out against the sky in deep blue cloudless make romantic scenery and calm as ever.

Turtle Tower was constructed by mixing the two styles of architecture, the style of French Gothic architecture and curved roof is common architecture of Vietnam at the time. Due to the interference between two architectures that Turtle Tower has a special beauty and uniqueness. Besides the beauty of the architecture, Turtle Tower is also a symbol for the spirit of ancient Hanoi with many cultural values. Sword Lake is also a place of many people roam the capital and place of regular dating couples. The early morning is not uncommon to come across the image of the elderly living in nursing practice early, or jog around the lake where the thin mist still hung on bean leaves unfurl.

Or any time of the day, we can catch sight of the elderly or young couples sitting on the center of the listed bench along the lake. The bench at Sword Lake is a very familiar picture imprinted on the minds of many people of both Hanoi and visitors from afar to visit the elegant capital. In the afternoon, the sun faded flap on the foliage, the sun is slowly shadowed after the skyscrapers, and the sky returned to a quiet space around the lake, the pace slowed and is no longer hustle more. Instead, space is calmer, more peaceful; Sword lake suddenly becomes incredibly tender.

After a long day full of stress, many people choose a relaxing way that is interesting to walk around Sword Lake. Choose an empty bench around the lake, watching the calm lake’s water, get out of the noisy hubbub of the city to see her pure soul and a lot more calm.