Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Journey to Van Phong Bay

Van Phong Bay belongs to Van Ninh district (Khanh Hoa), the center of Nha Trang, a tourism city about 60 km to the north which is one of the 10 most beautiful bays in Vietnam.

Guests will never forget the beauty of young wild blue water and white sand beach with cool air here. Here, nature makes a picturesque work. Many visitors are amazed at splendid beauty of Van Long with wind sand beaches. 

This bay is a mystery hided from City. Van Phong Bay consists of many small island populations of the bay and creates lovely bays with each bay has a beauty of its own. Van Phong Bay harmony perfectly of wind and cloud with a magnificent wonders to bring cool breath of nature and human life. It is a gentle mixture of joyous, playful life.

Van Phong has warm seasons, mild, intermittent wind makes waves whispering blue sea and clouds dissolve into the mountains and reflect in the blue sea. Visit the Van Phong Bay, visitors will enter the world of ancient legends, where tribal College House (55th tribes beyond 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam) began to form and grow.

Van Phong Bay has many beautiful beaches, pristine white sand and clear sea water such as West Beach, Me beach, Bua beach, Xuan Dung beach... The beautiful island in the Bay: Red islet, Ong islet, Diep Son island…
The Dam has a natural area of 128km2, is one of the attractions have been World Tourism Organization survey and appreciated. Because this place is full of natural conditions optimal for the development of ecotourism: climate, coastline, forests, landscapes, ecology, sea ports, marine supplies.... All virtually intact. Archipelago of 20 small islands with 30 beaches, pristine forests and villages is 3: The Dam Lower, Upper Dam Mon, and Xuan Dung.

On weekends or holidays, tourists to come to the east area of Van Phong, play beach games such as football, tug, picked up shells… must be the excitement of the day after work.
It has many reefs, slots, so the coral caves in which lived cling create extremely mysterious landscapes and lively, not only on a flat surface makes the amazed visitors to other dumbfounded, fascinated stupor in the wonderful world of coral.

With its pristine natural beauty as a sleeping princess, Van Phong Bay is an ideal place for you to discover the Gulf and get memorable vacation in this summer.

By Gray Line Halong Cruise