Friday, November 22, 2013

Approval of national tourism promotion program period 2013 - 2020

Prime Minister has just signed Decision No. 2151/QD-TTg, dated 11.11.2013, approving the program of national tourism promotion period from 2013 to 2020.
Accordingly, the objective of the program is to promote marketing activities, promotion of destination countries, local destinations and products with excellent services of Vietnam travel abroad to promote international passenger traffic health, increased length of stay and spending of international visitors.
By 2020, for each key international tourism market ( Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, the Pacific, North America, Western Europe and Eastern Europe), the organization deployed from 3-4 promotion activities to promote the tourism potential for each market (South Asia and Middle East), organizations are deploying at least one activity for the promotion of tourism, ensuring at least 50% of promotional activities, promotion tourism is expanding in scope, scale and diversity of form, content, compared to the previous period.
In addition, the promotion of propaganda, advertising and promotion of tourism in the country is to raise awareness about preserving the environment and protecting tourism, cultural behavior with tourists and promoting domestic tourists by 2020. Every year, participating organizations and from 3-5 travel events (or related) in the local tourism potential and coordinate with 15-20 units reported major media propaganda promoting domestic tourism, construction, leasing and maintenance to maintain from 15-20 large billboard panels, marine electronics to introduce, promote the image of Vietnam's tourism in the big cities.
Specifically, the program is organized to promote Vietnam tourism destinations to abroad such as the Organization of tourism promotion program, the introduction about Vietnam with large scale in the key markets in the region Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, North America, Western Europe and Eastern Europe; organize tourism promotion program, introduce to Vietnam in the country on the occasion of some political events, foreign communication, culture, sports important between Vietnam and your country and organize the participation of international tourism fairs in key markets and the potential to expand the scale, form and content diversity rich; promote Vietnam tourism on a number of international media, including television, magazines and entertainment tourism, large advertising panels, advertising online. In addition, the organization for tour operators and media agencies, foreign journalists in Vietnam to survey location, products and services tourism organizations, participation in conferences and seminars abroad to promote Vietnam tourism; affiliate advertising activities, promotion of tourism between the central agencies and local programs and events to promote Vietnam tourism abroad.
Besides promotional activities and Vietnam tourism promotion in overseas, this program is to promote propaganda activities, promotions, promote tourism in the country. Specifically, the Organization of the major tourist events in the country as "National Tourism Year" cultural events, major sports, communication, tourism promotion on these types of press in the country, organizing conferences and seminars to promote tourism to strengthen the links between the ministries, branches, localities, regions, links between the state and business, organizing seminars on tourism development tourism, tourism promotion of the international organizations and the region to propagate and promote Vietnam tourism. Construction, leasing, maintenance, and maintenance of large sheet billboards to promote the image of tourism in national parks, national attractions, international border, in a station with a flow of visitors great history, major traffic junctions in major cities, jointly organized the fair, international tourism event in the country; welcome caravans, the international press.
Another task of the program is focused on developing e- marketing for the promotion of tourism organizations such as producing publications, articles for tourism promotion. In particular, options, sample items designed to promote tourism, production of publications, articles tourism promotion in various forms, materials and different languages; documentary film production, advertising and other categories of tourism Vietnam as videotapes, discs, removable memory card...

Prime Minister assigned the Ministry of Culture - Sports and Tourism is responsible for leading and coordinating mechanism, policy management, administration and implementation of the program guide ... ; annual aggregate, report to the Prime Minister as well as the implementation of the proposed issues arising beyond its authority, the People's Committees of provinces and cities directly under the central government initiative to mobilize more resources and to integrate operations related to achieving the goals of the program..