Monday, November 18, 2013

Lan Ha bay - Explore Lan Ha bay in Vietnam cruise

Being an island which link  Ha Long Bay to Cat Ba tourism archipelago, Lan Ha Bay (Hai Phong) looks like a lovely range of silk,  embroidered by lush greenery and blue water with various flora and fauna system.

In the area of management of Hai Phong city but Lan Ha Bay is a unique beauty, attracting many tourists visit every year due to belonging to the complex of  Halong Bay. From Beo wharf - a small marina on the island of Cat Ba, tourist can easily rent a small motor boat or big boat, depending on demand, the price is not too expensive. We rented a small boat with high speed to move easilier. Canoes runs  head to the north, the wind blows  immensely  in the salty taste of the sea that brings refresh feeling incredibly.

Water  in Lan Ha Bay is blue and silence pure which reflects the shining white clouds and blue sky pieces. Many  scattered Limestone with various shapes is floating on surface as to evoke the imagination one’s mind. Sometimes, canoes hit a flock of smaller fishes, they jump out of the surface with a look of pleasing crunch.

The fishing boats and nets in military staging lights, small boats carrying heavy goods necessities of traders across the bay. The two rowing boats of fisherman and many modern ships with variety of modern sizes ... carrying tourists up and down the busy creating vivid images that are incredibly poetic. A swedish accompany with our group constantly broth, take continuous shot as  afraiding of missing the beautiful frames which are not easy to have the opportunity to meet again. The cages village raises many kinds of seafood  is garthering to Beo wharf boat  about five minutes or ten minutes. However there are some scattered individual cages around the bay which are not hard to meet. Visitors often have their feet in the floating cages and eating fresh seafood. The specialty seafood are attractive comedy such as a very tasty mollusks having in the water area of Quang Ninh, Cat Ba.

In addition, shrimp , crab , fish ... always waiting ... freely frolic to serve tourists. In recent years,  religious comedy have been successfully raised on the floating platform and become specialties are most people's favorite here. Fresh food, lovely scenery, service and acceptable price should come here.  We are hardly to  refuse a fabulous meal like this. This charming foreign friends in my group is the natural sand scattered on the small island in Lan Ha Bay. The sloping white sand, blue water and rocks naturally invites ... that we decided to stop at a small island waving spoiled the name . We could not deny  hawkers offering overboard, not uncomfortable scrutiny before the insensitivity focus where overcrowding, this place really brought a very comfortable feeling by privacy where there is rare .

In recent years, Gulf of eco-tourism trends was being invested.  From Beo wharf boat run just 5 minutes north of the island is met Pineapple Cat (also known as Monkey Island ), with many tourist services is exploited for decades, attracting a large number of foreign visitors to stay nursing . To find more fresh feeling, we run another ten minutes more to the island canoes Like Turtles. Beginner investors marine eco-tourism, services virtually nothing but a new floor storage for temporary accommodations, offset scene here pretty amazing. If traveling by small boat to come and take about 40 minutes . Just opposite the Turtle Island is a small island with beaches of Van Boi, heart of Cat Ba Biosphere Reserve, one of four biosphere reserves has been recognized by UNESCO. A great many tourists go there not only for bathing , sun exposure, but also to kayaking, snorkeling coral. Like Turtle Island frontage with two sandy beaches and pandanus shrubs decades old, surrounded by mountains surrounded by a pool of closed form. Water is drawn in the early morning can easily catch the sea cucumber, a marine specialty but you have in this area .

Early morning sunrise can pick up at beach , watching a new day dawn when the sun begins to illuminate the natural coral reefs. It can even walk across the island is facing the sprint. In the afternoon, when the sun sets, from beach front could see the pink clouds reflected trying to sparkling water, as scenes from an existing poem.

At Night, we can just lie on the floor and listen to the sea breeze caress, every crunch softly whispering waves, straight  boats from far and pandanus trees silhouetted flutter down to the small lamp emanating from the solar system on the island.
No Internet , no TV and  not the everyday hustle ... Just  be close to nature to appreciate your life in this very accumulation moments...

By Gray line Halong