Thursday, December 19, 2013

Great plan for Halong bay cruise

Travel Planning:
For many visitors, they feel regret for a short tour. So if possible, you should choose the Halong bay cruise program 3 days 2 nights to discover many interesting place in Halong. If you are a large group of friends, family or colleagues, you should hire an entire boat. You will be taking a lot of interesting activities during the trip: the collective activities (team - building), kayak competition, swim brush, cooking contest, visit floating villages, caves. If you want to have an anniversary to life with dinner on cruise, floating on, or dreaming on the beach, you will never feel regret for this choice.

European Tourists often come to Vietnam in the winter from December to April when the weather is more about 10-20 degrees because they have more vacation at this time. But the best weather to visit is April, or September 5, 10 longer by the day, blue sky, pleasant weather, visitors can swim, enjoy the morning sunrise or sunset late afternoon.

Currently, the Management Board of Ha Long Bay tightly controlled tour boats, staying on the bay. You can book tours through hotel, tour operators provide the necessary information on passports, identity cards before you go. Then the company will help your yacht registration information with the administration department immigration-Quang Ninh police. Every day, the port authority board will be based on specific weather conditions decided to put the yacht are operating or not. Normally the yacht bay and overnight visits are 6:30 am -level command. With overnight cruise on the bay, the captain will permit and vessel registration point for sleep management. In case you do not supply port command to sleep, you will have a choice in Ha Long wait for better weather the next day to go sightseeing and driving to or tour guides will take you back to Hanoi. In such cases, tour operators, cruise will make arrangements for your reasonable schedule.

Depending on conditions, as well as pockets of time, you can choose for themselves the various itineraries. With day cruise visiting the bay, you can set the program to visit 4, 6 or 8 hours. Most yachts are from Bai Chay wharf and takes about 45 minutes from Bai Chay to popular attractions such as Palace Cave, Wooden cave, Titop Island. With yacht overnight, you have no still the choice: If you need a private space, freedom journey comfortable you can choose 2 separate vessels room. Certainly the staff friendly, professional service style training and managed by foreigners, you will experience the most wonderful. With 2 times recognized by the UNESCO as a world natural heritage by highlighting the global value of the natural landscape in 1994 and the value of science in geology, geomorphology 2000, Ha Long Bay was a scenic, a leading tourist destination in the country. It has been attracting large number of tourists to Ha Long in particular and Vietnam in general; increase the amount of foreign currency, tourism investment attraction, creating great opportunities for tourism development as well as tourism in Quang Ninh. The advantages it also poses challenges for Bay Management Board should promote the management, conservation, promotion and exploitation of heritage values - the world's natural wonders of Ha Long Bay, focusing more advanced investment quality, quality tourism activities, as well as the diversity, abundance and sustainability of tourism products to Halong Bay forever worthy of that title.

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