Monday, December 23, 2013

Halong unique cuisine

In the opinion of many tourists visited Halong Bay, one of the impressions that they enjoy the taste of sea Halong seafood. And, this potential has been business enterprises in Ha Long tourist fullest; create focal points for tourists to Ha Long.
Ha Long Bay is no stranger names by the spectacular natural scenery and amazing food. We can say, with many species of marine natural gift, the Ha Long has this much processing way. Distilling from the sea, many specialty of Ha Long has become well-known brands, such as: Halong Grilled squid, fish sauce. Come to Ha Long, tourists have many options to enjoy the place, as on cruise ships visiting the Gulf, at friends houses, in restaurants, bars, or at family friends, relatives etc.
Clam vermicelli with rice noodle
Speaking about the specialty of Halong Bay, many people often mention is fed first. There are many places in Ha Long Bay bored, but bored at Bach Dang river is the tastiest, fattest, because it has many mangrove, estuaries rich in nutrients. Prevent the body from processing many dishes such as Grilled, steamed, cooked porridge, stir-fry with noodles or vegetables. There visitor’s witty remarks: name is “tired” but do not see how bored eating at all. With the male visitors often fed alcohol quiche dish. Alcohol bored very own scented sea. Guests can manually prepare. A short pink wine, taste salty, slightly tart, very fragrant smell, the new wine is tired of Ha Long.

Vermicelli is a new item which appears in the restaurant in Ha Long but before this dish is common in Chanh River riparian areas, the town of Quang Yen.
At first glance, tired of fried noodle dish is not eye-catching look, by blending white bun with short, have more ear fungus, mushrooms and scallions are also things green, black at all. Furthermore, if you have not tired of eating it because it's hard to enjoy the food concentration, a concentration taste distinctively bored. But when love fried noodles tired and it can be addictive new saucy dishes that do not look the other eye to make us realize just what we love, because it creates a private range on party tray, not mixed with any dish.
Quang Ninh is not only famous for Ha Long Bay is also known for a wide variety of seafood. One of these species is in Yen Hung cockles. Cockles are also known as the rice. We live in the sand, sea quagmire. Cockles have hard shells intestinal blood red rose as very nutritious food. Cockles live in saltwater and freshwater lagoon known as brackish water is best for this country live in the great fast fresh meat, aromatic, fatty than other waters have many ways of preparing cockles as : Sauté

Compared with citronella and chili, baked cockles, cockle broth ... but to not lose the nutritional value of the most popular is the Scallop Shell is lightly boiling water (but the number).
Grilled squid with rice paper rolls
Grilled squid is famous Halong dish that across three regions. Sea Halong exotic appropriate for the size cuttlefish to spread his hands, his thick, white skin is peeled away. How squid ball processing requires skilled and experienced.
Here comes the "squid ball city" in Ha Long I, one ink wash, stone mortar pounding in green ink, and members squid, fried squid ball right at the store, before the prying eyes of tourists. Cuttlefish meat is the delicious rolls. The new crispy squid ball closely. And here is particularly raw squid ball with a little more flour; squid ball will eat soft as fried fish, discovered immediately.

Sour fork meat
Grilled sour fork from Quang Yen is different from Thanh Hoa but each place has its own flavor. Especially like fouling Lemon alive in the river. This is the river estuary; there is harmony between fresh water from the air plane with sea salt water of Halong.

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