Sunday, December 15, 2013

The sunset in Halong bay

With the long beaches, shelf rich marine fauna and thousands of islands that are suitable for wilderness exploring, Southeast Asia is home to the most beautiful tropical “paradise” in the world. In the spirit of adventure and the sea, CNN has recommended Herman Ho, Managing Director Boat Asia and Stuart Macdonald, editor of travel sites, voted the most beautiful destinations in South East Asia. And Vietnam's Halong Bay is not out of the two options experts. Halong Bay has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world. Sunset on Halong Bay fascinated many Western guests. Accordingly, CNN has voted Ha Long Bay is one of five tropical island paradises of Asia’s most beautiful sunsets.

Mr. McDonald describes: “Ha Long Bay (located in northeastern Vietnam) is one of the destinations that tourists traveling by boat to admire the sea to the horizon day and night, over great anywhere other world.” Nature has bestowed Ha Long Bay a vast area, stretching about 2,000 islands multifold over an area of approximately 1,500 km2. So visitors here will be relaxing on the yacht and weaving between rocks spectacular. Not only has that, tourists to Halong found joy delight when immersed in tranquil blue water of the bay year round. According to McDonald, went to Ha Long, the two things that tourists can not miss the “magical sunset” on the bay and visit the limestone caves on the largest island in this tropical paradise. In addition to Ha Long Bay, the four remaining places Anambas Islands ( Indonesia), Langwaki (Malaysia), two Similan Islands and Koh Chang (Thailand).

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