Sunday, March 16, 2014

The summer touristic Islands

Summers traveling the country always interesting. But perhaps beneath brilliant sunshine, blue sky and, the island being cuddled by the blue sea, deserted sandy beaches are comforted by the waves ... is the ideal places.

Vietnam’s long coastline to owning so many beautiful islands. There are places became familiar rendezvous every summer, there was a deserted place waiting to be discovered footsteps. So, in addition to the familiar island like Phu Quoc ( Kien Giang ) or Tuan Chau ( Quang Ninh ) or Pearl of Vietnam ( Nha Trang ) ... know how much longer the pristine island awaiting other interesting you.

Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong

Located in the south, off the city of Hai Phong and Quang Ninh province, the center of Hai Phong city about 30km, Cat Ba has long been known as an ideal tourist destination of northern summer.

Currently, there are many ways to be able to come to Cat Ba. Travelers with itineraries can go a long cruise on Ha Long Bay and Cat Ba to. It can take speedboat or hydrofoil (every day flights) from Ben Binh (Hai Phong) to come here. And if you love the freedom to explore, can they go through the road from Hai Phong Dinh Vu ferry, traveling at Cat Hai before others followed a ferry ride from the ferry to Cat Hai Ben Got to Cat Ba.

You can rent a fishing boat or a local train to travel straight into the sea. Boats you can round Lan Ha Bay and scenic delight until he found a deserted sand to anchor the pleasant, swimming, relaxing, resting and propped waves and clouds . If you love sports, you can also rent a kayak and paddle yourself walking around the island to enjoy an unforgettable summer of fun.

Quan Lan Island, Quang Ninh

Belongs to the Bai Tu Long Bay, Quan Lan is one of the rare islands remain untouched beauty.

From Ha Long, you can go to Quan Lan cruise ships or passenger trains can go from Hon Gai wharf. Add an option anymore easier as you go directly to Ben Van Don Van Don district, Quang Ninh Quan Lan to go, only took about 2 hours. If your expenses vibrate more, possibly hired a high -speed motor boat, enjoy canoeing thrills when walking around Bai Tu Long before you set foot on Quan Lan.

Quan Lan Island even more amazing because there is also an old temple was built in the 17th century - that Le Dynasty - nearly 400 years ago that still retained almost intact the beauty of the architecture and patterns delicate carvings.

Cu Lao Cham , Quang Nam

Island Tan Hiep commune, Hoi An Town, Quang Nam Province, Cu Lao Cham is attracting visitors per day for cool space quiet, unspoiled landscapes and still dreaming to own a style of flora and fauna great wealth.

In Hoi An, you can buy a ticket from the tour any unit with the same price 250000-350000 / train tickets, depending on the quality and meals included. Adventurous, you can buy tickets to go canoeing, more expensive, but only 45 minutes to arrive was this fascinating island.

Here, scuba diving or snorkeling and swimming snocker activity that most people love. Under the sea water blue pearl, coral reefs iridescent shimmering colors on the bottom of the sea as you enjoy exploring this discovery to others. On the deserted beach, you can buy a little seafood of local fishermen and processing spot to enjoy. There are many types of shellfish and fish enough for you to have a delicious meal.

Cu Lao Cau , Binh Thuan

Compared to the other islands, Cu Lao Cau perhaps even more pristine. And few know where this is a “museum “with numerous rock island surrounded wish shapes, creating fascinating scenery amazing.

From Phuoc Fitness, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province, you can ask to hire a fishing boat for 700000-1 million to the Cu Lao Cau. Canoes are moving faster, cost 1.8-2 million including a trip to go on. But those who love to explore the love boat fishermen bring sense than just floating on the waves, but you can also admire and take pictures.

Swimming, fishing, walking in the Cau Island is also great because it was too wild. If you are lucky to meet one of the fishermen catch less fish is fresh or fresh squid, you can purchase for processing immediately and enjoy. However, you need to prepare food from the land with fresh water for your trip. The island also has no place to stay , only a small border stations, so if you want to spend the night in here to watch the early morning sunrise, you must register in advance with the head of the station.

Con Dao, green paradise

A peaceful land and fresh, an island where the wind and waves are always generous, proud and romantic, it is Con Dao recent years been seen as green paradise in the summer.

Blue sea surrounds the island, and cheerfully embraces wind on foot through each step. At Dam Trau beach, blue water and calm as a lake. Being around those green mountains cuddled, this beach becomes gentle as a girl or it. Jasmine and flat sandy beaches, calm sea and lush green exotic.

Walking around Con Dao, refreshing feeling more and more. Just rent a bike at the local, refill the fuel tank can be painted aqua vu traveling. After you visit the Hang Duong cemetery , her grave Vo Thi Sau, visit her shrine concubines Hoang Phi Yen, you can iron on horseback roamed the Shark nose, nasal Ta Con Dao Sea Concrete to look at other perspectives together.

When hungry, can look to the restaurant here and call her famous breasts snail dishes or grilled fish box specialties cow Con Dao will see their trip as far more interesting.