Monday, March 30, 2015

Five most beautiful islands in Vietnam

Vietnam has more than 4000 islands contributing to marine tourism development. Below is a list of 5 most beautiful islands in Vietnam.

1. Binh Hưng Island 

Binh Hung Island situated near Binh Ba Island, it is considered as a new pristine place to discover. From the pier, it takes 5 minutes by speedboat to this Island. Binh Hung has not been exploited for tourism purpose hence it is still pretty quiet and peaceful.

Freshwater Beach is a beach you should not miss. The name is originated from a fresh water stream flows through this beach to the sea. Binh Hung also attracted tourists by Hon Chut lighthouse, Stone Eggs beaches and other tourist services which is similar to Binh Ba. Besides, there is also a beautiful Kim beach with 3-color sea water. The water is very clean so you even can see the bottom with white sand which fascinates many tourist’s hearts.

2. Binh Ba Island

This Island belongs to Khanh Hoa province and far way from Cam Ranh port about 15km. You could visit Binh Ba in any season of the year. Travel expenses and meals are very cheap. All you need to do is to enjoy the beach with a full belly of seafood. Binh Ba is famous for Chướng Beach, Nom Beach and Old House beach, where you can welcome dawn or unleash yourself in snorkeling and fishing.

Specialty of Binh Ba is lobster sold for net price and good quality by fishermen. Binh Ba Island has been exploited only for a few years hence the price of the service is still much cheap. However, some people have changed somewhat unspoiled nature, the beauty of the island. Especially, this is not the island for foreigners to visit. This is only for Vietnamese people

3. Co To Island

To visit and explore the island, you can spend 1 to 2 days here. Unlike other islands, they discover this island by bike. Places recommend in this island are Co To lighthouse, Van Chai, Hong Van port. You should not miss the small Co To Island near there. You should get up early to go to the market to buy seafood such as squid, scallops, clams.... You can manually create the unique BBQ table on the beach of Co To Island.

4. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is the famous tourist island, had reached the top 3 most beautiful tourist destinations to visit in winter, voted by National Geographic. Owning the world's most beautiful beaches such as Sao Beach, Long Beach and dozens of other pristine beaches, it provides abundant seafood such as sea urchins, scallops, snails, cobia, herring… You could not miss some great experience in Phu Quoc as snorkeling, squid fishing, watching the sun set at Dinh Cau bridge. The best way to explore Phu Quoc is ride a motorbike since the uncompleted roads create challenges for the "driver".

5. Con Son Island

For people passionate about traveling, Con Dao is a place that should go once in a lifetime. Due to the distance, it still remains true beauty though many resorts has grown up. Travelling to Con Dao, you should not miss Hang Duong cemetery to offer incense to patriotic martyr at 0h. In addition, Dam Trau Beach is the most beautiful beach in Con Dao Island.