Friday, March 20, 2015

US Newspapers wrote about the value of traditional culture in Vietnam

Recently, The Huffington Post News (USA) has published an article confirming that Vietnam traditional cultural values will bring a bright future for Vietnam tourism industry. This article written by the author Tamar Lowell, CEO of Access Trips - a tour company is headquartered in the State of Washington, USA.

Author Tamar Lowell said that Vietnam is a destination to evoke many emotions with those images will stay long in the memories of visitors. That is a picture of farmers with shimmering smiles, wearing conical hats are assiduously nurtured for their rice fields, or the scent of the herbs used in Vietnamese cuisine such as lime leaves, ginger slices, mint and basil leaves...

It also seems as a romantic stay in the architecture of the French colonial period. It is the hope emanating from those who are hardworking, patience people in life. Vietnam is a strange country among modern flow, rolling in everyday life, people still preserve the traditional culture of the past thousand years of history.

The article written by Tamar Lowell was opening so sympathetic. Author herself had also traveled to Vietnam and the greatest feelings are the excitement even mesmerized for Vietnam. Since she was a child, Tamar had always read the information about Vietnam, watched a lot of movies about Vietnam, and even participated in a classroom to learn about the history of Indochina.

So, when the US and Vietnam began to normalize relations, Tamar was immediately planned a trip before graduating University. For her, it is a meaningful trip to mark her young age, before officially entering livelihoods. May 7/1994, Tamar was among the first Americans to Vietnam after the war.

Over two decades later, Tamar still keeps abreast of the rapid changes in Vietnam and realized that sooner or later, Vietnam still exudes a core characteristic way, separately, that is the beauty of longstanding cultural traditions. For Vietnam people, Tamar noticed the biggest feature is the openness and sincerity.

For Tamar, Vietnam, unlike many other developing countries, here, visitors are respected indigenous people, the hawkers approach, offering guests politely. Tamar said she loved the Vietnam because of the particular person she had ever met and optimism for the society. Vietnam is the country quickly stepped forward, but the beauty of traditional culture has always accompanies with modern life. The ancient buildings, beautiful in Hanoi; streets in Hoi An lanterns hanging; women in conical hats, long robes; and above all, the hospitality of the local people ... "It's amazing when Vietnam's tourism has grown rapidly in the past two decades, but never lost his spirit remains characteristic", Tamar has ended her article.