Sunday, May 18, 2014

Some notices to travel in forest

Explore the mountain is one of the tour “smoking " visitors by beautiful natural scenery, pristine, peaceful and mysterious, promising more enjoyable experience.

To get the trip exciting forest, tourists should pay attention to the following issues:

• It should be carefully studied maps and have a consistent schedule prior to departure. Should learn prior information about weather conditions and safety at the den. Tiep you follow, you should inform the family members, friends or security agency ( if the trip would be afraid risk) ... know before planning travel in the forest that you make. That may be the position you camping, stay in the woods or when the notice is returned safely is essential.

• When in the jungle excursions, travelers should hire the best local guide to avoid getting lost as they can also help us understand translating the language of the indigenous people.

• Prepare personal items before " the woods " is also essential. Depending on the time excursions in the woods long or short that you should be prepared with suitable tools.

Generally , tourists should prepare the following items : tents, sleeping bags, raincoats, sheets, flashlights, knives, lighters, pots and pans sinuses ( for cooking ), pocket first aid and medication health, canned food, drinking water, should have a special type of water disinfectants ( Aquatics members ) in case of all mineral water or boiled water to bring along. However, you should not believe in the absolute safety of water in rivers and streams in the forest.

• For costumes, tourists should wear loose clothing , comfortable, extra long sleeves jacket outside to avoid scratches due to problems in the thorn tree forest protection as well as you do not get cold sweats and see the forest wind . In addition, travelers should also wear a soft cloth, to have more spikes to grip the road for sure. Backpacks should use wired kind hearted women tied to a fixed level, not swaying to help you move more easily.

• If you're camping near a river, stream, pond, lake should be careful when bathing and laundry. It is best to restrict swimmers to avoid unexpected accidents can happen.

• If a picnic in the rain forest that suddenly (though big or small), visitors must remember to move up. Because in the forest, a flood of sudden and extremely dangerous. If it does not rain that moved through the water naturally opaque, have gone down, the items should also move up because it can be a sign of the coming flood.

• When sleeping in the forest, tourists should not choose sleeping rocky foothills, instead, choose locations and airy flat to sleep. Property must be located in between the sleeping trees ( to prevent rain storms , fallen trees on her ) . If you sleep with hammocks, visitors must not have noticed sagging under rocks or any sharp objects (broken wire to prevent sagging, and will fall, crashing into sharps). In addition, travelers should also help make a fire to keep warm while sleeping and repel predators.

• The last thing is also very important and visitors should travel in groups to avoid being located and easy support each other. If you go in the dense regions predecessors so often go after notifying the obstacles along the way. If unfortunately been lost, travelers should follow the trail of people go firewood, wood or go in the direction of water flow streams. This will help you return home safe.